Board & District Information

We are a small rural school district that has 4 schools: Carrabec High School, Carrabec Community School, Solon Elementary School, and Garret Schenck Elementary School. We have about 750 students total and serve the towns of:  AnsonEmbden, New Portland, North Anson, & Solon. Below are links to more information about our district, please come back and check us out, we update or information often.


District Phone Numbers and Addresses - Phone numbers and address for all of MSAD #74's buildings


No Child Left Behind Application - Information on how to view the district's NCLB application


Policies - All of the district's up to date policies


School Board

- Board Committees

Board Committee Meeting Schedule

Board Committee Membership

Board of Directors - A list of the current year's school board members

Board of Directors Meeting Schedule - The dates and places of the Board of Directors regular meeting schedule

Board of Directors Monthly Reports - Reports that the school board receives from the Principals and other Administrators

Previous Years Agendas and Minutes - A list to information from previous years

-2011 to Present School Board Information - Minutes, agendas and assignments from previous years



NCLB Report Card  - Status of how the schools and district did on State assessments.


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