August 1 Agenda

Regular Meeting

RSU #74 Board of Directors

August 1, 2018

6:00 pm


Carrabec Community School


1.)  Adjustments to the agenda.


2.) To see if the Board will approve the Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of July 11, 2018.


3.)  Presentation:  None


4.)  Reports: Written Reports were mailed to Board Members and are available online at 


A.)    Superintendent’s Report


1.       Appointments:

Candy Lebeau – Yearbook Advisor – CCS - $750 stipend

Candy Lebeau – Bus Emergency Operator – CCS - $500 stipend

Bonnie White – Bus Emergency Operator – CCS - $500 stipend


2.       Resignations:



3.       Nominations:

Terry Corson – Fifth Grade Teacher - Solon



B.) Administrators – N/A


C.)   Committees: Building and Grounds met on July 19th

All Hazards Safety Analysis


5.) Citizens comments on agenda items.

The RSU #74 school board will follow school board policy BEDH/KD, in that public comment will be limited to no more than 30 minutes in total length and that all comments must relate to the business to be conducted by the RSU #74 school board at the stated meeting on the current agenda.


6.)  To see if the Board will approve the bus radio move/software installation of up to $5000.00.


7.)  To see if the Board will enter into executive session pursuant to MRS Title 1, Chapter 13, Subchapter 1, SS §:  405-6.A. “Superintendent Evaluation.”





8.)  Adjournment