Athletic Report Dec. 2017

Carrabec High School Athletics

Winter sports began on November 20th.  The Past, Present, and Futures games held on Saturday, November 25th were a success.

The basketball season begins on Friday, December 8 with a home boys basketball game against Wiscasset.  (I have attached a complete winter sports schedule.)

Along with the help of Tammy Murray and all of the other rec directors in the area and the two varsity basketball coaches Heath Cowan and Skip Rugh we have successfully set up our "Skills and Drills" program for our youth basketball players in the area.  The Skills and Drills program will meet every Saturday at CHS from 8-11am beginning on Dec. 9 and ending on Jan. 27 where boys and girls basketball players will get instruction from the high school coaches and players.  It is a great program to help promote basketball at Carrabec High School, learn the skills of the game early, and create enthusiasm and hopefully build our numbers and programs for the future.  This is an initiative that I have taken on, to get all of the varsity coaches at Carrabec High School involved with our youth programs in some way in order to help build our programs for the future.

Our numbers for winter sports are as follows:

Boys Basketball: 12 (3 9th graders, 0 10th graders, 5 11th graders, 4 12th graders)
Girls Basketball: 16 (5 9th graders, 5 10th graders, 2 11th graders, 4 12th graders)
Bowling: 16
Cheering (Coop with Madison): 3
Wresting (Coop with Madison): 0

Carrabec Community School Winter Athletics

Girls basketball began it's pre season on November 6, boys basketball began it's season on November 13.  We had more boys try out than expected so we were able to create a 2nd team.  We now have two teams for boys and two teams for girls.

Cheering also began on November 13

I have attached a winter sports schedule for CCS as well.

Our numbers for winter sports at CCS are as follows:

Boys Basketball: 21 (8 6th graders, 7 7th graders, 6 8th graders)
Girls Basketball: 18 (4 6th graders, 4 7th graders, 10 8th graders)
Cheering: 13 (8 6th graders, 3 7th graders, 2 8th graders)