Athletics Report

School Board Report - 5/31/17
CHS Athletics
 Nate Stubbert
Baseball Team (Bridgeway Bandits) has ended it's season with a 13-3 record and in 1st place in Class B South.  The first playoff game will be on June 8 and be held at Madison High School.

Softball Team: Has ended it's season with an 11-5 record and in 3rd place in Class C South.  They will host a playoff game on or around June 8.

Girls Tennis:  Finished the regular season with a 9-1 record and competed against Winthrop in the MVC Championship meet, which they lost.  They are hosting their first round tournament match against Dirigo on Wednesday, May 31.

Boys Tennis:  Finished the regular season with a 1-9 record and no post season play.

Track and Field:  One track athlete, Paul Kaplan, will compete and represent Carrabec High School in the State Track meet.