CCS Report

To:  School Board Directors


From:  Tom Desjardins


Date:  September 26, 2017


Re:  Principal's Report


Carrabec Community School


The month of September was great getting to know all of the students in my building.  It is a joy for me to greet them as they unload the buses every morning, fresh and ready for another day at school.


On September 1st we had our visit from Camp Kieve. This was a structured day of team building activities for our 7th grade students.  A variety of games were organized for the students and all of them had the opportunity to experience rock climbing on a 15 foot rock wall. The activities help to create a positive interaction between students who many not normally spend time together. 


Our MDI program started on September 12th for students in grades 4-8.  All students are encouraged to participate in this program.  The instructors will work with students over the next few months in their own buildings and closer to show time will bring them all together to create the “Event of the Year”.  Parents and community members look forward to this performance every year.


We conducted two fire drills since the start of the school year.  Expectations were relayed and students and staff did an excellent job following through with them.  We will continue throughout the year to have these drills to ensure that students are prepared in the event of a real occurrence.  Safety is our main goal. 


Picture day was held on September 13th.  Knowing the importance of school pictures for parents as well as the importance of instructional time for staff, a schedule was made and the day went by smoothly with minimal interruption to classroom time.


Our Open House on September 14th had a fantastic turn out.  We had a steady flow of students, parents and community members.  It was great to see them roam through the buildings, getting the opportunity to meet the teachers and see their child's classroom.  I would like to extend a special thanks to our PTO's for joining us that evening to introduce themselves and invite new members to join.  We also had local Cub Scout leaders there that evening to recruit new scouts. 


A 6-8 Dance was held by Mr. Carey to help to raise money for students who will be attending the Boston Trip in October.


The month ended with our flu clinic on the 27th and Mr. Carey's 8th grade Norland's trip on the 28th