CCS Report

To:  School Board Directors


From:  Tom Desjardins


Date:  November 30, 2017


Re:  Principal's Report


Carrabec Community School


The Month of November started off with a new twist for the Carrabec Community School.  After the violent storm that tore through our state on October 30th many community members were left without power.  Teaming up with Doug Cahill, the Emergency Management Director for our area, we prepared for our building to be transformed in the late after noon and evenings into an Emergency Shelter for community members.  Our doors opened from 4 pm to 8 pm to allow for community members to come here and shower, get warm, have a light snack, retrieve water for their homes and recharge needed items.  A few stayed and had a warm nights sleep on the cots supplied by Emergency Management.  Those folks awoke to a friendly greeting from our kitchen ladies who prepared coffee and a light breakfast for them.  I would like to extend a big thank you to Ms. Lorie Agren who over saw all of the activities that came in and out of our building and remained in constant contact with Mr. Cahill and myself during this time.  It most certainly was a great feeling to be able to be of such assistance to a community in need. 


The Tooth Protectors visited us this month to provide dental services to our students.  We had 41 students that were seen during their visit.  This is a great opportunity for students to get the care that they need right here at school. 


Our school is in the process of working towards a solid PBIS(Positive & Behavior Interventions and Support) Program.  On November 3rd, all of our K–5 teachers along with myself attended a full day work shop at the Augusta Civic Center on PBIS.  I was able to get one of the guest speakers to agree to come to our school the following Thursday, November 9th,, to do a presentation for all of my K – 5 staff. 


The 6 – 8 staff is focusing on a new program as well this year; the Lucy Calkins unit of study in writing and reading.  These units were created using best practice and proven frameworks that have been developed over the years in classrooms around the country.  The 6-8 Writing series offers grade-by-grade plans for teaching writing workshops that help students meet and exceed global standards.   The 6-8 Reading series contains charts, tools and methods to implement better reading in the classrooms.



The first quarter of the school year ended on October 27th.  We held our first awards assembly on Tuesday November 7th.  We acknowledged students who had excellent attendance and recognized those who achieved honors and high honors on their report card. 


The week before Veteran's Day the staff worked to educate students on the importance of this day and what it truly represents.  Our halls were beautifully decorated with the colors of red, white and blue to represent our great Nation.  Mr. Larlee worked with his second graders teaching them the words and meanings to “America the Beautiful”.  The students joined my morning announcements on Thursday, November 9th  and we sang the song together to our entire student body.   We were honored by a visit from Mr. Rothert's father who came in and spoke to our 6th grade students about being a veteran.  Mrs. LeBeau visited our second grade class to talk about her experiences as a Veteran as well.  I was extremely proud of my staff and students for making this week a week of honor and tribute to our fellow Veterans.


Kristie LeBlanc our 5210 Let's Go Program Director attended both of our K-5 and 6-8 staff meetings.  Her goal was to inform staff of RSU #74's revised District Wellness Policy(found on our district web site), what the contents were and where to find it.  Our district is committed to providing an environment that supports healthy eating, physical activity, and overall students wellness.  It's important for staff to know and understand our updated district wellness policy; one that is in compliance with state and federal laws and has been reviewed and assessed by the District Wellness Committee.  Our Wellness Policy is an exemplar for the Maine DOE and is being utilized as a model for other schools in Maine who are creating their own Wellness Policy. 


Some of the highlighted points in the Wellness Policy are:


  • Classroom Celebration
  • Nutrition Guidelines
  • Physical Activity
  • Fundraising
  • Nutrition Ed & Promotion
  • Rewards


Carrabec Community School is a Gold School.  One of our goals is to model good behavior in front of our students.  For a copy of these highlights or for the Wellness Policy itself, she referred staff to our District Champion Kirk Robinson or our School Champion, Candy LeBeau.


It is my hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break enjoying time with loved ones and family.