CCS Report

To:  School Board Directors


From:  Tom Desjardins


Date:  December 29, 2017


Re:  Principal's Report


Carrabec Community School



The month of December was a busy month filled with Christmas festivities and growing excitement from our little ones as the Holiday neared. 


Here at CCS we celebrated the spirit with many events.  On December 13th we held our District Band/Chorus Concert.  The gymnasium was packed full of family members and friends who applauded and cheered for their loved ones on stage.  It was an amazing evening to watch as the musical talents of our students came to life.  Mr. Gilbert is to be commended for the work he has done with the students, instilling a lasting passion for music in each of them that clearly came through on that evening. 


Our K-5 Christmas Program was held on December 15th.  Due to weather issues the program needed to be held during the school day.  That did not deter family and friends to attend.  Our gymnasium was once again filled with spectators.  The children did a wonderful job performing “A Peter Pan Christmas” and singing joyful songs.


The K-5 PTO organized a “Children's Shopping Day” on December 18th.  Community members brought in gently used items and these items were set out in the halls for the children to be able to purchase for 25 cents.  The students really enjoyed this as they get to choose a gift for a loved one and wrap it. 


We were invited to attend the Festival of Trees at Good Will Hinkley.  Our K-2 students had the opportunity to walk through the magical world of decorated trees.  It was most certainly a beautiful site. 


Mr. Ferrari organized a field trip to Narrow Gauge Cinema in Farmington to watch the movie “Wonder”.  The movie is based on a 5th grade boy who is physically deformed and goes to school for the first time.  It is an inspirational story of student acceptance and friendship.  Many of our students left the movie with renewed kindness and acceptance in their souls. 


Tammy Connors entered our school into a drawing to win a Backlit Menu Board.  The criteria to be entered was that the students would try some new menu items and give the item a thumbs up or a thumbs down.  The tallies were sent in and our school was entered into the drawing.  On December 5th we received notification that we had won the contest.  This will be a fun and colorful menu board to let the students know what delicious items are on the menu for each day.


The staff here at CCS gathered in our library on Thursday, December 21st after the workshop to enjoy a pot luck luncheon.  It was heartwarming to gather and visit in a casual environment before we broke for our Christmas vacation.