CCS Report

To: School Board Directors

From: Tom Desjardins

Date: April 28, 2018

Re: Principal's Report

Carrabec Community School

It is hard to believe we are headed into the final quarter of the school year. It has been a

busy and productive year and the next few weeks will undoubtedly fly by as we prepare for

the end of the year activities. I have built a great rapport with the students, staff and

community members over the past months. It is a good feeling to be settled and known here

at the Carrabec Community School.

Mr. Gilbert was invited to bring his 6-8 band students to the UMO Symphonic Orchestra on

April 4th which was held at the Bingham Area High School. Mr. Gilbert does a great job

exposing his students to the world of music in many forms. We are very fortunate to have

such a talented young man in our district.

The Tooth Protectors came once again this year on April 9th and 10th to service many of our

students' dental needs. This is a wonderful opportunity for many who cannot afford regular

dental visits. The Tooth Protectors do a thorough cleaning and assessment of the students

and send recommendations for follow ups home to the parents.

Our Spring sports season is up and running. Matt Brown is coaching track. Terry Corson and

Doug Larlee are coaching softball and baseball is being coached by Luke Tewksbury.

April 13th was a busy day here at the Carrabec Community School. Louis Moniz Jr. of Benton,

better known to students in grades K-8 around Maine as Mad Louie came to visit our school.

Mad Louie, an obesity awareness health instructor, has led children in exercise, dance and

games for the past eight years. Each grade had a session with Mad Louie and he kept them

hopping from start to finish in rigorous dance, exercise and fun. The students enjoyed the

activities and it is our hope that they left the experience with some fun ways to exercise their


There is a little bit of talent in everyone and we offered the students a chance to show that off.

On April 13th we held our annual talent show. Many of the students rose to the stage to share

their talents. There was singing, dance, instrumental performances and more. I had the

pleasure of singing the National Anthem with a very talented young lady, Aislinn Slate.

Aislinn has the vocal range for the song and brings the audience into captivity from start to


I will be attending a School Safety meeting on April 27th at the Somerset County Sheriff's

Office. The invitation was extended to the superintendents and principals of the 38 public and

private schools in Somerset County. Also attending this meeting will be Police Chiefs from

local law enforcement agencies within Somerset County. This meeting is intended to

enhance collaboration and begin dialogue between law enforcement and the schools. The

goal is that both school administration and law enforcement share the same goals and

objectives towards safety planning.

The MDI students have worked hard again this year preparing for their final performance.

The performances will be held on April 28th with show times of 3:00, 5:00 and 7:00 pm. I am

in hopes that many of you will be able to attend the show.

Our third quarter ended on April 5th and our Awards Assembly was held on April 24th. It brings

me great pleasure to acknowledge the students accomplishments and give them

encouragement to work harder in the up coming semester.

The Masons once again offered the “Bikes for Books” program for our K-5 students. This

program started the week after April vacation and will run through the month of June. The

students are encouraged to read as many books as possible. Each time a student finishes a

book their name goes into a drawing. There will be 12 names drawn, one boy and one girl

from each class. The winning students will each be given a new bike with a helmet and a Tshirt.

Office Pike will join us on that day to do a presentation on bike safety.

All District Grade 5 students will be invited to the Carrabec Community School for “Move Up

Day” activities. All three principals are coordinating at this time to determine a suitable date.

During this time the students will be introduced to the Carrabec Community Staff, the grade 6

program and the expectations of our school. Students will then meet their teachers and

change classes for the last part of the day. This overview will be followed by a team building