CCS Report Feb

To:  School Board Directors


From:  Tom Desjardins


Date:  January 30, 2018


Re:  Principal's Report


Carrabec Community School



The start of the new year brought some exciting things to our School.  Increased student test scores took the spot light followed by the introduction of Kindle Fires, American Sign language, 3D printing, a Debate Team and Pokemon.


It gives me great pleasure to share with the Board that our student test scores are on the rise.  It gives solidity to my belief that giving clear expectations and following through with them is the underlying success factor for our students.  This along with maintaining a firm, fair and consistent discipline structure has all attributed to the learning environment in our building. 


We were contacted the first part of the month to be the recipient of 25 Kindle Fires from the Coles Transportation Museum.  These will be utilized by the K-5 students and staff.  By utilizing Whispercast, a free program from Amazon, we will be able to manage and deliver eBooks, eTextbooks, Apps and documents.  This will be a great opportunity for out students.  In return, we will take 50 students to the museum to tour their facility.


Mrs. Ellis worked with her students teaching them The Star Spangled Banner using American Sign Language.  It was amazing to watch the students perform this.


Our building is filling with after school activities.  Mr. Rothert is running a Pokemon Club where the students engage in various activities around the structure of Pokemon.  Mr. Ferrari is starting a Debate Team in hopes to engage near by schools and Mr. Reichenbach is running a 3D printing club.  It is exciting to see these activities at our school and all of the students who are involved. 


The kindergarten students joined me one morning for morning announcements to recite the pledge of allegiance and in honor of Martin Luther King Day a few of them shared what their dream was for the world.


Our Civil Rights Teams traveled to Farmington for their annual training on January 10th.  All the Civil Rights Teams from schools around the state of Maine attend this training.  This is a great opportunity for them to all share what they are doing in their own schools to help prevent bullying. 


We closed our second quarter of the school year on January 19th and report cards were issued on January 26th