Elementary Board Report

TO:                  RSU #74 Board of Directors


FROM:            Jean Butler


DATE:             December 21, 2017



                          PreK-5 ELEMENTARY REPORT




After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, teachers are looking forward to the quiet and calm days of January when a lot of learning can take place. We appreciated all the support of community groups like the Sunshine Ladies, the American Legion, the Calvary Pentecostal Church, the Jobs for Maine Graduates Program, and families and staff members who contributed clothing and gifts for children in need during the holidays. It is important to celebrate all those who do wonderful things to help our students and families so that everyone can have a nice Christmas.


Again this year I commend our band and chorus director Dan Gilbert for the excellent Christmas Concert that he and his students put on for their families and friends on December 13th. Mr. Gilbert has taken a very small program and built it to be one of the biggest programs in our district. The band and chorus have 146 members, which represents 60% of the students in grades 4-8. We had a standing room only crowd at the concert with very positive feedback about the students' performance and Mr. Gilbert's efforts from families and community members.


The K-5 Career Awareness Committee will meet in late January to start planning for our Career Days, which will be held for the K-5 students in May. If any Board members would be willing and available to speak to groups of elementary students about their careers, please let me know.


National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week is the week of January 22-26. Sean Landry from Somerset Public Health is providing resources to the schools so that teachers can do activities around this topic during that week.


Last year we formed a Community Literacy Team, which was a requirement of our Preschool Expansion Grant. School Board member Laura Layman is one of our members. This year the team is working on two projects. One is the construction of two “little free libraries” to put up at various spots in the district to give children and adults access to books in the summertime when school libraries aren't open. Carrabec High School industrial technology teacher Fran Sirois is helping us with this project by having some of his students build the libraries, which look like birdhouses but which can contain books that people can borrow and return. The second project is to plan and implement a literacy activity for our communities to be held sometime in the spring. We will keep the Board posted as plans get finalized.


Garret Schenck


The Garret Schenck students celebrated their accomplishment of walking 650 miles in our Mileage Club by participating in our own Olympic Games on December 19th. Events were a hockey shoot-out, curling, a basketball shoot-out, and hands-free Omnikin ball obstacles. Students competed in multiage teams for an afternoon of fun and exercise.


Garret Schenck's third Family Class connected to our Positive Action Program will take place on January 18th from 5:30-7:00 PM. Families who attend will enjoy a Chinese dinner to start the evening. Then Mrs. Lisa Savage will work with the parents and Mrs. Angela Manzer will work with the students on concepts from Unit 3 of the Positive Action Program. Parents have received free materials to implement some of the concepts with their children at home. Funding for these classes comes from our School Improvement Grant.




Solon students in grades K, 1, and 4 visited residents of the Somerset Residential and Rehabilitation Center in Bingham and Tissues Country Estates in Athens to bring holiday cheer in December. They sang songs and recited poems in addition to bringing hand-made gifts for each of the residents. A group of residents from Tissues came to the dress rehearsal of the school's Christmas Program on December 19th. The residents of both places really seem to enjoy visits from our students.


The Solon School has started a new awards program called Core Values Awards. RSU #74 developed Core Values for our district in 2003. The staff has decided to emphasize those core values, choosing one to be our focus each month. At the end of the month each teacher will choose one or two students who have demonstrated that core value in the last month. Those students will receive certificates at our monthly assemblies. The Core Values are Responsibility, Respect, Honesty, Compassion, and Tolerance.





If you have any questions about anything in the Garret Schenck or Solon schools,

please contact me at any time.







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