Elementary Report/CCS

To: School Board Directors

From: Tom Desjardins

Date: August 30, 2018

Re: Principal's Report

Carrabec Community School

I hope the summer was a nice break for all. Myself and the staff greet the upcoming school
year with much enthusiasm and robust. We are feel fully charged and ready for our students
to return.
The custodians have done a great job cleaning and preparing our school for the return of our
students. My compliments to Ms. Agren and her crew for all of their hard work over the
summer. Our grounds are beautifully groomed and have such a warm and welcoming look to
On August 23rd we had our Kindergarten open house. It brings me great joy to see all the new
faces as they walk through our doors and make their way to their classroom, eager to start a
new journey in their lives. On August 27th we held our 6th grade parent night. The bleachers
were filled with some new faces and some familiar faces as we greeted them and introduced
them to our staff. This is an important night as I welcome our incoming students and set clear
expectations for them for the upcoming school year.
After months of planning, meeting and brainstorming, we are ready to hit the ground running
full force with our K – 5 PBIS system this year. Teachers, staff, custodians, cooks and bus
drivers are all on board. I invite you to visit our building and see our signage and experience
PBIS in motion. On the 6-8 side our staff is ready to start identifying students who could
benefit from our SAT Team members assistance. I feel that both programs will enhance the
students academic performance here at CCS.
August 29th we opened our doors to returning students. It was great to see all of the students
back in their classrooms and engaging in learning activities. The weather has been warm and
sunny for the start of our school year. We hope it continues that way through September.