Instructional Coach Report


October 30, 2019


            October has been a busy month. Here are some of the things I have been working on, in addition to my regular observations and meetings with teachers (approximately 20 observations and 25 coaching meetings)


      Attended the October Math Meet, hosted by Carrabec High School

      Attended the second Math Meet held at Winslow High School

      Attended the WMEC Professional Development Committee Meeting

      Attended a “Mentoring Chat and Share” hosted by WMEC regarding changes to mentoring requirements under the certification and evaluation laws

      Met with Dr. Shannon Larsen at UMF

      Met with Mr. Tracy and Ken Lewis at UMF to discuss issues with lack of teachers and how to address this

      Coaching Book Study at UMF

      Attended the ACTEM conference

      Helped plan and facilitate part of the October 11 workshop day around assessment writing

      Attended the Western Mountain Area Meeting for Mathematics, Science, Engineering, and STEM teachers

      Facilitated a Steering Committee meeting to address issues with the Evaluation System that have turned up

      Attended the PD Committee Meeting

      Attended the Academic Subcommittee meeting

      Facilitated a Data Team meeting for the CCS Data Team

      Attended the Gear Up MPP Meeting

      Facilitated Grade Level Meetings for the Middle School math teachers where we worked on teaching practices, discussed the math programs, and looked at MAP Skills (our new progress monitoring tool for RTI)

      Provided training in MAP Skills to the Leadership Team at Solon


Respectfully Submitted,


Brian Twitchell

Instructional Coach

Mathematics and Science