Instructional Coach Report

Instructional Coach Report

September 4, 2019


            Although the school year is just beginning, there has been a lot going on during the summer with regards to my position and responsibilities. During the two weeks following the end of school in June I was working on finalizing the data computation needed for the principal’s so they could complete evaluations for their teachers. In addition, time was spent to finalize assessments and other measures used to provide payroll information needed for the performance pay that is paid out over July and August.


            In addition, I worked two days with another teacher to rework the observations standards used for the professional observations. One thing that was discovered this year is that the observation standards we provide to teachers do not completely match up with the online system the principals use to record observations - by aligning our online system with the handbook we provide to teachers we have a more consistent and fair evaluation system.


            I also spent four days working in Augusta with the Standards review team as we reviewed and tweaked some of the mathematics standards in the Maine Learning Results. This review process is supposed to happen every 5 years, but it has been about 8 years since changes were last implemented. The work the team did will now be going back to the DOE and ultimately on to the legislature for final review, to be implemented a year from now.


            As part of our involvement in the Maine Mathematics Coaching Project, I spent two days at UMF for their summer seminar. These two days had a variety of professional development activities, and the second day included the opportunity to have administrators attend and work on setting some goals for the upcoming year.


            In August I was able to attend a two-day training on the new math program we are looking to implement at the middle level, as well as for Algebra 1 at the high school. This math program is fully aligned with standards, and is one of the highest ranked program for Middle School. The program is also free - it is an online program well suited for schools who are one-to-one in terms of technology, but can also have selected worksheets printed as needed. The high school is adopting the newly released Algebra 1, with Geometry and Algebra 2 to be adopted in the near future. They are currently piloting the Elementary materials to be released in a couple of years, and if our work with these materials indicate it is a suitable program, it has the potential to save us money on not needing to continue to purchase the consumable textbooks used at the K - 5 level. I will be working with middle school and high school math teachers on helping them to implement this new program over the next few weeks.


            Finally, last week I worked with our team of advisors for the class of 2021 as we continue to work on the Gear Up Multiple Pathways Pilot grant. We made plans for our focus this year with the juniors, and figured out various ways to help students continue to create plans for after high school. This upcoming school year will be the final year of this grant/research study and has been instrumental in helping us develop an advisory curriculum to help students develop their aspirations for after school. The curriculum continues to be implemented in subsequent years, with last year’s freshman class utilizing it, and the expectation that this year both freshmen and sophomores will be utilizing the things that have been created.


            All in all it has been a busy summer, and I am looking forward to expanding my role as coach to include not just mathematics but also science.



Respectfully Submitted,


Brian Twitchell

Instructional Coach

Mathematics and Science