K-5 Board Report March

TO: RSU #74 Board of Directors

FROM: Jean Butler

DATE: April 25, 2018



It is hard to believe that it is already the last quarter of the 2017-18 school year. We expect it to be a

busy spring with lots of special activities and events for students and families before we close the year

on June 19th.

Our students in grades 3-5 finished up the first part of the Maine Educational Assessment (MEA)

testing right before April vacation. Fifth graders will take the science test over the next two weeks. We

want to thank Scott Hall and the tech team for their support during the testing period.

Students in grades K-5 in the elementary schools will be involved in NWEA testing in May. Each

student takes tests on the computer in the areas of reading and math. Their scores are compared to last

spring's scores to measure the growth they have made in their skills during the course of the school


The Garret Schenck and Solon Schools participated again this year in the annual Most Improved

Student Program sponsored by the Portland Sea Dogs. Each teacher nominated a student who had made

the most improvement over the course of the school year in academics, study skills, behavior, and/or

social skills. Each winning student will receive a certificate and a free ticket to a Sea Dogs game at

which students will be invited onto the field for a pre-game ceremony.

Kindergarten Screening will take place on May 15th at CCS. Incoming kindergartners will be assessed

using the DIAL-4 to give us an idea of their language, concepts, and motor skills so we can plan

appropriate instruction for them. Students also have their eyesight and hearing checked, and parents get

to meet with the school nurse to discuss any health concerns their child may have. This event also gives

the kindergarten teachers a chance to meet the students and their parents.

The K-5 Career Awareness Committee is planning three Career Days for all of the elementary students

during the month of May, one for grades K-1 students on May 10th, one for grades 2-3 students on May

17th, and one for grades 4-5 students on May 24th. The Career Days will be held at Garret Schenck and

will each feature six guest presenters who will tell students about their careers. We hope that by

introducing students to various careers at an early age, we will help them and their families to start

thinking about college and career options and planning for the future now.

Our Civil Rights Teams have been invited to a Sea Dogs game in Portland on May 11th along with Civil

Rights Teams from all over the state. Team members will receive free tickets and be invited on the field

for a pre-game ceremony to recognize them for their work in Maine schools to teach the negative

aspects of biased behaviors.

Our art teacher Richard Reichenbach will be holding his third annual District Art Show on May 23rd

from 5:00-7:00 PM at Carrabec Community School. On display will be works of art produced by

students in grades K-8 at the three elementary schools. Stop by and see how talented our students are!

The District Spring Concert will take place on May 30th at 6:00 PM at Carrabec Community School.

Band and chorus students from grades 4-12 will perform for their families and friends under the

direction of Dan Gilbert. With the large number of students involved in band and chorus, we anticipate

a standing room only crowd similar to the one we had at the Christmas Concert!

Garret Schenck

The Chewonki Foundation will visit Garret Schenck on May 22nd to present natural science programs

for all of our classes. Grades PreK-2 students will see a program called “Scales and Tails,” and the

program for grades 3-5 students will be “Biomes.” These special programs are made possible by a

generous donation from one of our families.

Garret Schenck will hold a family night with a Maine theme on May 24th. A giant map of Maine will

be on loan to our school for that week from the Maine Geographic Alliance. We will display the map

on the floor in the gym, and staff members will run fun activities related to the state of Maine at

different stations around the building. The snacks for families to enjoy will feature Maine agricultural

products. Every student will receive a take-home bag with games and activities related to Maine.


The Solon School will hold a Maine Night similar to Garret Schenck's on May 16th.

Grades K-2 students will take a trip to the Waterville Opera House on May 22nd to see the play “The

Cat in the Hat.” We thank the Solon PTO for paying most of the cost of this theater experience for our


Have a Wonderful Spring!