Pre K-5 Elemetary Report

TO:                  RSU #74 Board of Directors


FROM:            Jean Butler


DATE:              April 24, 2017



                                         PreK-5 ELEMENTARY REPORT




The fourth quarter of the year is upon us and spring has finally arrived. We are busy planning special year-end events at the three elementary schools. There is lots to do before students and staff leave for the summer.


Our students in grades 3-5 finished up the first part of the Maine Educational Assessment (MEA) testing right before April vacation. Fifth graders will take the science test over the next two weeks. After that, grades 3-5 students will take a writing assessment from May 8-19. We want to thank Scott Hall, the tech team, and Jaime Ela for their support during the testing period.


Students in grades K-5 in the elementary schools will be involved in NWEA testing in May. Each student takes tests on the computer in the areas of reading and math. Their scores are compared to last spring's scores to measure the growth they have made in their skills during the course of the school year. 


All three elementary schools participated in the Portland Sea Dogs' Most Improved Student Program this spring. Each teacher nominated a student who had made the most improvement over the course of the school year in academics, study skills, behavior, and/or social skills. Each winning student received a free ticket to the Sea Dogs game on May 6th, at which students will be invited onto the field for a pregame ceremony.


Our district has a special awards program to recognize the highest scoring students in grades 3-5 on the MEA. The program started in 2010 with a Math Award donated by Mr. Chet Hickox, a math professor at the University of Rhode Island who lives in Embden. Last year the three PTO's each donated to create a Reading Award for students in grades 3, 4, and 5, and Mr. Hickox's wife Sara decided to donate to a Science Award for a fifth grader. Each year the top scoring students receive a certificate and a check for $50, and their names are displayed on plaques in the hallway at CCS. We have just presented these awards based on the 2015-16 MEA results (because we didn't receive student test scores on last spring's test until March). The winners of the Math Awards were Solon fourth grader Desmond Robinson, Solon fifth grader Sascha Evans, and CCS sixth grader Luke Carey. Winning the Reading Awards were Solon fourth grader Desmond Robinson, Solon fifth grader Jayden Cates, and CCS sixth grader Luke Carey. The winner of the Science Award was Solon sixth grader Laci Dickey.


Our MDI program is in its thirty-first year! The MDI Event of the Year takes place on Saturday, April 29th with shows at 3:00, 5:00, and 7:00 PM at Carrabec Community School. About one hundred sixty students in grades 4-8 will participate in the show this year. The theme is “Rockin' the '80's.” Tickets are available at all of the elementary schools.


The week of May 1-5 is Staff Appreciation Week. The PTO's in each school always provide refreshments and gifts for the staffs of our schools to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication to our students. It's the perfect time to be thankful for the great staff we have in RSU #74!


Kindergarten Screening will take place on May 2nd at CCS. Incoming kindergartners will be assessed using the DIAL-4 to give us an idea of their language, concept, and motor skills so we can plan appropriate instruction for them. Students also have their eyesight and hearing checked, and parents get to meet with the school nurse to discuss any health concerns they child may have. This event also gives the kindergarten teachers a chance to meet the students and their parents.


The Career Awareness Committee is planning three Career Days for the elementary students during the month of May, one for grades K-1 students on May 4th, one for grades 2-3 students on May 11th, and one for grades 4-5 students on May 25th.  The Career Days will be held at Garret Schenck and will each feature six guest presenters who will tell students about their careers. We hope that by introducing students to various careers at an early age, we will help them and their families to start thinking about college and career options and planning for the future now.


Our Civil Rights Teams have been invited to a Sea Dogs game in Portland on May 5th along with Civil Rights Teams from all over the state. Team members will receive free tickets and be invited on the field for a pre-game ceremony to recognize them for their work in Maine schools to teach the negative aspects of biased behaviors. The teams at our schools have raised or solicited donations to help defray the costs of transportation to the game.


Our art teacher Richard Reichenbach will be holding his second annual District Art Show on May 26th from 5:00-6:30 PM at Carrabec Community School. On display will be works of art produced by students in grades K-6 at the three elementary schools. Families and community members will be invited in to view the students' masterpieces.


The District Spring Concert will take place on May 31st at 6:00 PM at Carrabec Community School. Band and chorus students from grades 4-12 will perform for their families and friends under the direction of Dan Gilbert. It's a show you won't want to miss!




The K-5 staff held a Family Game Night on April 13th from 5:00-7:00 PM. Parents and students joined us for a Subway dinner and a wide variety of board games set up in the gym for families to enjoy. The K-5 PTO sponsored a Book Fair that evening as well, and Clifford the Big Red Dog made an appearance. Each student received a take-home bag full of games to play at home. Eighty-four people attended the event. Funding for this activity came from our MELMAC Partnership Grant.


The K-2 students at CCS will travel to the Waterville Opera House on May 12th to see the play “Biscuit.” Students have read books about Biscuit the dog and are anxious to see the play. We thank the K-5 PTO for paying the costs of this trip for us.


Garret Schenck


Garret Schenck will hold a Family Math Night on May 24th. Families will be treated to a barbecue supper to start the evening. Then our math coach Brian Twitchell will talk with parents about how we are integrating mathematical discourse into classroom instruction. Parents and students will engage in some fun math problem-solving activities together and will receive take-home bags with math activities and games. MELMAC funds will support this event.


The Garret Schenck staff is participating in training sessions to prepare for the implementation of the Positive Action Program next year as part of our School Improvement Grant. Some of the training was delivered through webinars in mid-March, and there are several webinars taking place in April and May. On-site visits by company representatives are scheduled for May 9-10 and June 22nd




During the week of May 15-19, Children's Stage Adventures will visit Solon to help the students in grades 2-5 to put on a musical production of their new play “The Elves and the Shoemaker.” Shows will be May 19th at 12:30 and 6:00 PM.


Solon Elementary School will hold a Family Math Night similar to the one at Garret Schenck on May 25th with a barbecue and math activities. The Solon PTO will sponsor a Book Fair at Math Night so families can shop for new books for summer reading.





Have a Nice Spring!