Pre K-5 Elemetary Report

TO:                  RSU #74 Board of Directors


FROM:            Jean Butler


DATE:             May 30, 2017



                                  PreK-5 ELEMENTARY REPORT




The 2016-17 school year is rapidly coming to a close, with only three weeks left until the  summer break. We are finishing up our units of study, doing the NWEA testing, and engaging in some special end-of-year activities that make this time of year more fun.


Our K-5 Career Days for district students this spring were successful again this year. Three Career Days were held, one for grades K-1, one for grades 2-3, and one for grades 4-5 on three Thursdays in May. Careers that were presented by guest speakers were dental hygienist, civil engineer, construction specialist, firefighter, Backyard Farms supervisor, RV sales owner, Gifford's Ice Cream rep, deputy sheriff, physical therapist, safety officer, bakery owner, lawyer, sports reporter, home builder, town clerk, cyber crimes officer, and forester. We want to thank Board member Tammy Murray for being one of our speakers for the fourth and fifth graders. These Career Days were part of our MELMAC Partnership Grant to introduce students at a young age to career options for their future.


One of our Career Day speakers, sports reporter Tim Throckmorton from WABI, interviewed our fourth and fifth graders on how they felt about the NFL's loosening of their ruling limiting celebrations after touchdowns. He filmed students stating their opinions and showing some celebration dances and included that footage in a segment on the 6:00 news that evening, which was very exciting for the students. If you want to see the segment, you can do so on the WABI website by googling the May 25th segment called “Anson Students Share Their Thoughts on NFL Celebrations Ruling.”


The district's fifth graders will attend a Step-Up Day at Carrabec Community School on June 6th from 12:30-2:15 PM. They will have a chance to see the school, meet the staff, and learn about their classes and school routines and procedures. A group of JMG students from the high school will do some team building activities with them. On June 12th, all of the fifth graders in the district will spend the day together visiting the Cole Transportation Museum in Bangor.


On June 15th, our band and chorus director Dan Gilbert will hold a Spring Concert with all district band and chorus students in grades 4-8 at 6:00 PM at CCS. Earlier that day he will hold two concerts at CCS for K-8 students from Solon, Garret Schenck, and CCS.


Our library media assistant Shirley Mellows is taking elementary students in the district on field trips to the public libraries in or near their towns to encourage them to visit these libraries over the summer. Our goal is to have students read all year round! Mrs. Mellows is also organizing a book swap at each school in early June in conjunction with the Community Literacy Team.


Each school will hold a Volunteer Recognition Program to thank the parents and community members who have helped out in our schools this year. It's a small token of our appreciation for all that our volunteers do to help our students and our schools.


We are currently getting ready for our Summer School Programs. Each elementary school has a Title I Summer Reading and Summer Math Program for ten days this summer. The goal is to help Title I students in grades K-5 to maintain their skills over the summer break. We will also offer a four-week Preschool Summer School Program as part of our Preschool Expansion Grant. The program is for incoming kindergarten students who need more practice with their early literacy skills. The program will be held at CCS, and bussing will be provided through the grant.


All three schools will hold assemblies to do the drawing in the K-5 Bikes for Books Program, sponsored by the North Anson and Solon chapters of the Masons. Students could enter the drawing by filling out a form on each book they read in April and May. The Masons will award two bikes per class, one for a girl and one for a boy. Each winner will also receive a helmet. Deputy Mike Pike will attend the assemblies to talk with the students about bike safety. We appreciate the support of the Masons in promoting both reading and physical fitness with our K-5 students.


The new RSU #74 Community Literacy Team is sponsoring a Summer Slump Project this year. Students tend to lose reading skills over the summer if they don't engage in reading activities, and it takes time in the fall for them to gain those skills back. To combat this, we will ask teachers to recommend students in their classes who might have limited access to books over the summer. Team member Lisa Savage will interview those students to find out what kinds of books they like and will find out their reading levels from their teachers. She will order books, and we will send them to the students in two mailings, one in July and one in August. Their parents will receive postcards with ideas as to how they can support their children's literacy development at home with their new books. A grant from the Maine Department of Education to our Community Literacy Team will cover the cost of books and postage. We thank Board members Laura Layman and Heather Hilenski for being part of the Community Literacy Team.




For a spring field trip, the students in grades 3-5 will hike Ira Mountain in Kingfield on June 1st.  The students are looking forward to a day outside in nature.


Field Day for students in grades K-5 will be June 14th with lots of team activities and fun. Some workers from New Balance will help to run the activities.


The Awards Assembly for grades K-5 will take place on June 21st at 8:15 AM. Each teacher will present awards for academic achievement, improvement, good attendance, and other areas to the students in their classes at this assembly.


Garret Schenck


The K-5 students of the Garret Schenck School will take a field trip to Boothbay Harbor on June 13th.  While there they will visit the Maine State Aquarium, the Atlantic Edge Lobster Pier, and the U.S. Coast Guard Station. We appreciate the support of the Garret Schenck PTFO in helping to fund this trip.


The annual Flea Market at the Garret Schenck School will be held from 12:45-2:00 PM on June 16th.  Each class is responsible for running a booth and/or an activity at the Flea Market. Students can visit others' booths, and some parents and community members usually attend. The Flea Market will be held outside, weather permitting. Please stop by if you're in the area! 


The Awards Assembly for Garret Schenck will take place at 8:00 AM on June 19th, when teachers will present awards for academics, improvement, attendance, and other accomplishments to their students. Fifth grade teacher Julieanne Belanger is preparing a slide show for her students. On that same day staff from the Chewonki Foundation in Wiscasset will visit the school to give natural science presentations to the students.




Solon Elementary School will hold a Walking School Bus activity on June 13th. Students, staff, and parents will meet at 7:15 at the Solon Thrift Shop and walk to school as a healthy alternative to riding in a bus or other vehicle. When they arrive at school, students will enjoy a special breakfast made by school cook Cindy Lawrence.


On June 14th, the Solon students and staff will celebrate Flag Day with a ceremony around the flag pole on the front lawn of the school. Students will sing patriotic songs and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.


Solon's Awards Assembly will be held on June 20th at 9:30 AM. Solon's Field Day will take place on June 19th.









Have a Nice Spring!