Superintendent's Report

RSU #74

56 North Main St.

North Anson, Maine 04958


Superintendent’s Report

April 2017


1.     I have begun to schedule meetings with local selectmen, and I invite Board members to attend those meetings as well. In those meetings, I will try to stress the shortfall in revenue facing the district this year, at the same time emphasizing that the actual budget increase (expenditure side) is about the average of the last decade.


2.    The contract with ESG on energy savings has been terminated with a letter from our attorney that actually preserves the district’s right to pursue any corrective measures that may need to be addressed over the next few years.


3.    As you are well aware, annual testing/assessment must be completed in the district according to schedules established by DOE. Those testing windows will begin shortly, and assessment will be ongoing almost through the remainder of the year. Student progress in mathematics, ELS, and science will be assessed individually and by grades. Although last year’s scores have not been entirely released, they have been promised and will be followed by this year’s as well.


4.    I will present the school calendar for approval at the meeting. Each year the district must adopt a formal calendar for presentation to the State. The new calendar satisfies the law requiring similar dates to SCTC and provides the necessary 182 days for teachers. As usual, the calendar sets a ”last day” which can be moved to accommodate storm days.


5.    A new district policy adopted on Dec. 9, 2015, requires evaluation of all support staff to be completed by April 1. At yesterday’s administrators’ meeting, we reviewed the evaluation deadlines which I anticipate will meet compliance with the policy. I will also ask the Policy Committee to change the date to June 1 rather than April 1 which I believe is too early in the school year for evaluations of support staff to be completed.


6.    You will see on the agenda my nomination of Lisa Savage to be the new director of the Garret Schenck School Improvement Grant. The grant runs through the next 4 years and requires a director with specific early literacy training and ELA curriculum experience to implement the grant as written. Mrs. Savage brings a rich background in these areas to work with teachers, parents, and students alike to improve reading and writing skills of early grades.


7.    I have re-scheduled a meeting on extra-curricular assignments and stipends (possibly for the 6th time) for Wednesday, March 29 and anticipate being able to provide the Board with a report at the meeting. I hope to establish a protocol so that this aspect of our program is not neglected.


8.    We are currently in communication with the two vendors who responded to our RFP regarding insurance for the district which must go out to bid every 5 years. We should have a recommendation for the Board by the June meeting.


9.    I have placed on the agenda an item to discuss Superintendent-Board relations, duties, and performance as allowed by Title I, Sec. 405 (6A). This item is intended to provide discussion for greater insight to the roles of the Superintendent and the Board.


10. Late word from MSMA is that yesterday’s 8-3 vote of the Education Committee supports funding education at the 55% level required by law and putting central office costs back into the formula. The next phase of the cycle will occur when the Appropriations Committee begins work later this week. But, there may be some relief in sight: time will tell.


11.  Mike Tracy will plan to attend the May Board meeting, and I will plan to include an informal “Meet and Greet” session at 5:30 PM, delaying the start of the formal meeting until 6:30 PM. He has been in regular contact with me, following budget development and other Board activity. He is very anxious to begin work in RSU #74 and wants to hit the ground running. We will have coffee and light refreshments for the welcome session.