Superintendent's Report

RSU #74

56 North Main St.

North Anson, Maine 04958

Superintendent’s Report

June 2017


1.     Two bids on the portable building at the high school were received and have been opened. The winning bid was from Norman Luce for $8020, with removal guaranteed by August 1. A second bid for $2528 was rejected.


2.    I have received a resignation from Scott Lehay as the Maintenance and Transportation Supervisor. Scott has been a tremendous asset to the district, and his departure creates a big void in our operation. We will advertise immediately and interview as soon as possible in order to take advantage of Scott’s expertise and knowledge. I anticipate similar communication from Nikki Richardson and from Jaime Ela.


3.    A new district policy adopted on Dec. 9, 2015, requires evaluation of all support staff to be completed by April 1. At yesterday’s administrators’ meeting, we reviewed the evaluation deadlines which I anticipate will meet compliance with the policy. I will also ask the Policy Committee to change the date to June 1 rather than April 1 which I believe is too early in the school year for evaluations of support staff to be completed.


4.    I have included minutes from the Administrative Team Meeting held yesterday. It appears that details for all spring events have been considered. We look for no surprises.


5.    We have received several applications for open positions, and we have already begun to interview for the MS science position.


6.    As a result of the openings in administrative positions, Bobbi and I feel that a meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee on administration should meet as soon as possible. I would recommend Monday, June 5 as a meeting date in order to get the meeting in before the June regular meeting. The openings actually create opportunities to address needs in a different way if desirable.


7.    Summer school schedules are being developed and will be circulated shortly. Once again we will bus and feed for special ed. and for Title I.