Superintendent's Report May 2018

Superintendent Report

From: Mike Tracy, Superintendent

Date: 05-02-18

To: RSU # 74 School Board

I. Legal/Risk:

A. Current Legal Update:

Association Meet and Consult with School Board Negotiations.

II. Governance / Policy:

A. Current Local Update:

1. Next REGULAR RSU #74 Board Meeting is scheduled for June 6th at 6:00 pm.

2. No Sub-committees scheduled at this time.

B. a. MSMA Updates:

Regional Center Updates and Funding Extension Bill:

More than $1 billion in state General Purpose Aid for public schools appears to be in limbo until legislators

return to Augusta to vote on a bill that would allow that subsidy to start going out to districts beginning in July.

L.D. 1869, An Act To Establish the Total Cost of Education and the State and Local Contributions to Education for

Fiscal Year 2018-19 and To Provide That Employees of School Management and Leadership Centers Are Eligible

To Participate in the Maine Public Employees Retirement System, was tabled in the Senate when the Legislature

adjourned without extending their session to deal with pending bills.

Explain to your legislators school budgets are being passed now based on the funding promised in the biennial

budget and uncertainty will be disruptive. It also would put an inordinate burden on local property taxpayers if

state funding were altered now.

In the school year that starts on July 1, the budget essentially splits the cost of education roughly 50-50 between

local taxpayers and the state. The split varies district by district based on property values and enrollment.

While state funding was set last year in the biennial budget, the cost of education, the required local mill rate

and the state and local share are approved every year in some type of budget bill. Funding supports the

operation of local public schools and public charter schools.

The DOE is exploring options, but at this point none are clear other than legislation.

L.D. 1869 was tabled in the Senate over a partisan divide on an amendment to the bill when the Legislature

unexpectedly shut down after a vote to extend the session past its official adjournment date failed.

C. Legislative Update:

The three (3) Bills which would have changed the Proficiency Based Education law (PBE), have been tabled, no

current action is scheduled by the Maine Legislature at this time which means that there has been no law

change, but this will most likely be revisited next fall. Locally, this means that we will stay on target with our

proficiency work.

D. Policy Update:

The board is set to update all policies in categories C-G in the policy manual at their next meeting.

III. Budget and Finance:

A. State Level:


B. Finance Local:

We are currently working through the local school district annual budget meeting process. There is a lot of work

that goes into this process.

IV. Operations:

A. Facilities Department:

1. Working on Spring Clean Up

2. Working on Summer Planning

3. Working on Staffing and Restructuring

4. Hiring

B. Transportation Department:

1. Working on Pre - K Hubs and planning for next year

2. Plan to purchase Van for next school year

C. Central Office:

1. Hiring

2. Working on the budget process

3. Planning for summer programing

V. Academics and Instruction:

1. Carrabec Community School

Principal Report

2. Garret Schenck Elementary School

Principal Report

3. Solon Elementary School

Principal Report

3. Carrabec High School:

Principal Report

4. Academic- Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment:

Steering Committee:

The steering committee has worked tremendously well to get to the finished product of the updated

Professional Teacher Evaluation System. The Performance Evaluation and Professional Growth (PEPG) medel

has been one of the 3 major district focus’s this school year. I am please to bring this forward. -Please see the

cover sheet in your board packet.

Emergency Planning Meeting:

The administrative team, and I are attending a school safety meeting this Friday with many of central Maine’s

law enforcement personnel and fellow school administrators. The meeting is to prepare and focus a

collaborated effort in our overall emergency planning and preparedness efforts. -Since the meeting is coming

this Friday, I will offer a verbal report at our next school board meeting.

Summer Teacher Academy (STEAM):

Part of the grant funded effort in our STEAM initiative is to host a Summer Academy for our teachers as well as

some teachers from MSAD #59 and MSAD #13, his summer. This is very exciting because this will help take the

STEM programing that began across the 3 school districts this year, to the next year.

Western Maine Educational Collaborative:

We continue to be part of the very important work of the WMEC. This is the group that works together to bring

shared professional development to our teachers. Our partnership this year has brought forth much in the way

of teacher development that in my view, directly affects students.

Upcoming dates:

May 2nd - School Board Meeting

May 8th - Budget Validation Referendum

June 8th - Graduation CHS

June 18th Last Day of School (½ Day)