Superintendent's Report October

Superintendent Report

From: Mike Tracy, Superintendent

Date: 10-03-18

To: RSU # 74 School Board

I. Legal/Risk:

A. Current Legal Update:

-An MOU was agreed upon with the support staff collective bargaining unit.

II. Governance / Policy:

A. Current Local Update:

1. Next REGULAR RSU #74 Board Meeting is scheduled for November 7, at 6:00 pm.

2. Superintendent Evaluation subcommittee is scheduled for November 7, at 5:00 pm

3. Library and Technology subcommittee is scheduled for November 14, at 5:00 pm.

4. Building and Grounds subcommittee is scheduled for November 14, at 6:00 pm.

B. a. MSMA Updates:

45th Annual Maine School Management Conference:

The 45th Annual MSMA Fall Conference is celebrating the incredible work schools do every day with the theme of “Maine ♥ Public Education” and supports the mission of life-long learning with an impressive lineup of clinics and speakers and opportunities for those attending to share and learn from one another.  The conference is scheduled for Thursday and Friday, Oct. 25 and 26, at the Augusta Civic Center, with registration available through the superintendent’s office


C. Legislative Update:

No major updates at this time, we continue to monitor the rulemaking process for the recent legislation on graduation requirements.

D. Policy Update:

The Policy Sub committee will report.  We have been working on approximately 30 policies in the current policy manual that are 10 years old or older.  There will be a slate presented that have had minor edits, and have been read and reviewed by the policy subcommittee at their last meeting.  Updated policies are an action item at our next meeting.

III. Budget and Finance:

A. State Level:  

No changes have been indicated at the state level to date.

B. Finance Local:


Our final audit for FY 18 has been completed this summer and we are ending in a positive financial position.  The finance committee will meet with the auditors on October 11th, and a final report will be given to the full board after that time.

IV. Operations:

A. Facilities  Department:

The Facilities and Grounds subcommittee will report.  In short, there were a few minor recommendations were made as a result of the safety tour this summer with law enforcement.  One includes the purchase of a “3m type” security film that goes over doors and window in the front of our buildings to help with breakage and will keep items from penetrating the windows and doors.  This is an action item at our next meeting.

B. Transportation Department:

  1. The 3rd van has been purchased.

  2. We have 2 new bus drivers in our district and are still training.

  3. New Bus Radio and protocols are up and running.  This seems to be going extremely well.

C. Governance:


V. Principal’s Reports:

1. Carrabec Community School

Principal Report

2. Garret Schenck Elementary School

Principal Report

3. Solon Elementary School

Principal Report

3. Carrabec High School:

Principal Report

VI. Academics and Instruction:

8th Grade Overnight Trip Approval:

The 8th grade are planning their annual trip to the Norlands on October 19th and 20th, and Nov. 5th and 6th.  Mr. Desjardins and staff will update. More information is forthcoming at out next meeting.

Strategic Planning :

The next Strategic Planning Committee meeting is scheduled for October 26-27.  This will be a two day event where we will work through a process to establish themes to draft goals for ous school district.  This is a highly inclusive process whereby various stakeholders are involved. Every school board member is invited to participate.