Superintendent's Report Sept.

Superintendent Report

From: Mike Tracy, Superintendent of Schools

Date: 10-04-17

To: RSU # 74 School Board

I. Legal/Risk:

A. Current Legal Update:


II. Governance / Policy:

A. Current Local Update:

1. Next REGULAR RSU #74 Board Meeting is scheduled for November 1, 2017 at 6:00 pm.

2. First Policy Subcommittee Meetings October 18th.

B. a. MSMA Updates:

44 th ANNUAL MSMA FALL CONFERENCE—OCTOBER 26 & 27, 2017 Attached is registration and hotel information as well as a preliminary list of clinic offerings for the 44 th Annual MSMA Fall Conference to be held at the Augusta Civic Center on Thursday and Friday, October 26 and 27. “PUBLIC SCHOOLS: LEARNING FOR LIFE” is the theme of this year’s Fall Conference. The two days being planned will be informative and inspiring. Highlights include the following: 2017 Keynotes  David Schuler is superintendent of High School District 214 in Chicago’s northwest suburbs, and 2016 Past President of AASA. While serving as President of AASA he launched Redefining Ready!, a national campaign that introduces multiple research-based metrics to demonstrate post-secondary readiness.  Laurie Lachance is President of Thomas College and author of Maine must dare to dream big, a recent op-ed column, where she highlights “the single most important economic development investment we can make is to bring each person in Maine to his or her highest educational potential.” More than 50 clinics will be offered along with MSBA Delegate Assembly, recognition of years of board service, and awards of the Maine School Boards Association.  Online registration, including payment is available. *Registration for the Fall Conference should be made through the superintendent’s office – please see online event registration instructions included in this email. The MSMA staff is looking forward to seeing you at the Augusta Civic Center on October 26 and 27.

C. Legislative Update:

There are some MDOE certification changes:

Certification Statute Chapter 115 part I was adopted August 12, 2017, while part II (all of the endorsements) will take effect July of 2019  Another group is now tasked with removing provisional, targeted and transitional certificates in part II and replacing those with a single “conditional” classification – the range of credits to meet the criteria will need to be aligned first  The online certification portal is scheduled to go live within the DOE on October 1st .  The certification office will shut down for the first two weeks in October for internal testing of the system with plans to be fully functional mid-October. - Ed Tech 1 and 2 records will be housed in the local central office. Ed Tech 3 records will live at the DOE.  IT IS CRITICAL THAT NEO INFO FOR EDUCATORS IS CURRENT!

MDOE update in relation to Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA):

Maine received feedback from USDE on Monday 8/21 regarding elements contained in the submitted plan. Additional feedback was requested in the areas of English Language proficiency, identification of schools to receive targeted support and intervention in addition to clarifying language for Title IC and McKinney-Vento. Maine’s ESSA plan was approved on September 1, 2017.  The Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) and SAU Consolidated Plan have been completed and sent to the Commissioner’s Office for review and approval. Representatives from across the department came together to construct a CNA that addresses the requirements under ESSA, the Comprehensive Education Plan under chapter 125, and the Federal requirements for CNA’s within multiple federal program titles. The Maine DOE is hopeful that this single document will provide a more purposeful and meaningful process for SAUs and move away from compliance.

III. Budget and Finance:

A. State Level:  


B. Finance Local:

The Finance Subcommittee will have their first meeting October 11th, 2017.

IV. Operations:

A. Regional Collaboration Efforts:

Joint Ad Hoc SubCommittee met at Solon Elementary School on September 21st, 2017.  See attached notes.

B. Food Service:

Solon Freezer repair to conclude in mid October.

C. Facilities Department:

The facilities and maintenance department is off to a great start.  The only major issue is the Solon Freezer repair.  Additionally, Ms. Agren is doing a great job, but, I believe she may need further support that may include adding a part time custodial position at CCS.

D. Transportation Department:

The van has been a great addition to our transportation fleet and is used almost daily.  Mr. Roy is doing a fantastic job and is managing things well for our district.  Both he and Ms. Agren will be at our next meeting to offer verbal updates.

D. Negotiations:

The Negotiation Subcommittee is scheduled to meet on October 12th for their first organizational meeting and training with the support staff group at 6pm.

V. Academics and Instruction:

Principals will report on individual school reports as requested.

Academic- Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment:

Graduation Date:

Under Maine Law the 12th graders across our state must go to school for (a minimum) of 170 days in order to commence their 12th grade year.  Any number of days under this requires MDOE Commissioner approval through a waiver process.  There are a couple of other potential factors in the law, but in general, this is the requirement.  This year happens to be one of those years that exactly 170 completed days  according to our current calendar would have the seniors finishing on June 4, 2018 (Monday).  This is with no snow days factored in.  On average district’s across Maine typically see an average of 3-5 snow days per year.  At this time I have put our graduation ceremonies on Friday June 8th 2018.

Extra and Cocurricular Survey:

During the week of September 25th, the Middle and High School Students are participating in a survey that look at participation in athletics and after school activities.  The survey is set to investigate the “why” behind the drop in student participation across the board.  Additionally, Mr. Tracy is looking to examine the various factors that may or may not be reasons for a lack of participation, and wishes to create a “rubric” for our community that addresses when looking at sharing outside of the district “makes sense” for our students.  -Stay tuned.  There will be more opportunities for board and community input as time goes on.


We are extremely excited to report that the shared STEM program/coach (Shared across MSAD 59, SAD#13 and ourselves) is experiencing rave reviews.  Currently, our STEM Coach Mrs. Bertini is doing doing her 12 week stent in MSAD #13 and the teachers and students there are getting a lot out of it.  Additionally, we held a phone conference with the Commissioner of Education and his team last week to update them on this $135,000 grant, and they too, were extremely happy to hear of all of the great things going on in relation to this.  -More information will be forth coming and she will be in our district beginning in November.

Adult Education Exploration:

Mr. Tracy met with the MSAD#54 Superintendent of Schools, Assistant Superintendent and Adult Education Director in Skowhegan on September 14th, and are seeking a way to have them help oversee our Adult Education and partner with them in some way to either transport folks from our district over there, or have them host a class in the RSU #74 district.  We are exploring as many ideas as possible in order to facilitate this important function for our community.  The State Adult Education DIrectors will be meeting on October 4th, and we are hopeful of having more information after that point.

Upcoming dates:

October 2nd- District Wellness Committee

October 9th - Columbus Day

October 11th- Finance Sub Committee @ 6pm

October 18th- Policy Subcommittee @ 6 pm

October 26th- Harlem Rocket in district

October 26th-27th- MSMA Fall Conference

October 31- Halloween