Superintendent's Report Sept.

Superintendent Report

From: Mike Tracy, Superintendent of Schools

Date: 04-04-2018

To: RSU # 74 School Board

I. Legal/Risk:

A. Current Legal Update:


II. Governance / Policy:

A. Current Local Update:

1. Next REGULAR RSU #74 Board Meeting is scheduled for May 2nd, at 6:00 pm.

2. Policy Subcommittee April 10th, at 5:00 pm.

3. Building and Grounds Subcommittee April 10th at 6:00 pm.

B. a. MSMA Updates:

L.D. 1689-The Senate today passed an amendment to L.D. 1689, An Act To Repeal Certain Provisions Regarding the System Administration Allocation Affecting Maine School Districts in the 2018-2019 Biennial Budget, that would restore administrative funding to districts that are highly efficient on their own or by working with others.

The amendment would take away a penalty in 2019-2020 being levied on school districts who haven’t formally joined the regional service centers being promoted by the DOE. The penalty is not fair to those that have been working efficiently and cooperatively for years.

The amendment will be voted on in the House as early as Thursday.  School Boards and superintendents need to contact their local representatives now and ask them to vote yes on the amended version of L.D. 1689.

To find your House member click here:

Legislators should support this bill because it would restore funding for system administration and central office functions that was cut in the biennial budget without notice.

The amendment has bipartisan support. It was sponsored by Sen. Joyce Maker, R-Washington County, and supported by Sen. Rebecca Millett, D-Cumberland, who sponsored a similar proposal.

C. Legislative Update:


III. Budget and Finance:

A. State Level:

Nothing new to report at this time.  

B. Finance Local:

See Attached - 2018/2019 School Budget Handout for Selectmen Attached.  The budget process continues to be long and hard this year. But, I am confident with hard work, and making hard decisions now, it will help set us on the path for a more sustainable future.

IV. Operations:

A. Food Service:

We are already preparing for the “summer meals program” which hosts district-wide foods for lunch for our communities, and this is a federally funded initiative that brings joy (and food) each summer.  Additionally, I want to thank Mrs. Candy Lebeau in our main CCS office for helping coordinate the “jingle submission” which CCS won a “cow” all actuality it is a large cardboard cow cutout of a pictured cow, which has been named “CC” for Community Cow...our school has won recognition for this, great work everyone!

B. Facilities Department:

The facilities group has been doing a nice job this spring and we are currently down, one maintenance staff member - due to budgetary reasons will not be filled until July.  The Building and Grounds committee will be meeting on April 10th to hash out the next round of policy updates.

C. Transportation Department:

Four (4) substitute drivers have taken the course which RSU #74 has paid for and permit testing is underway.  We hope to have a few new bus driver subs for next school year. Overall, RSU #74 is exploring an activities bus to help transition to more shared teaming with MSAD#59.

V. Academics and Instruction:

Principals will report on individual school reports as requested.

Academic- Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment:

Full STEAM Ahead:

Our plans have turned to planning for a bright future where we are looking to add to our STEAM culture for next year.  We are working on a summer academy where we hope to have Mrs. Bertini and others offer a week long training for teachers, in effort to broaden the enriching opportunities with STEAM this coming year!

Comprehensive Emergency Planning:

The admin team is working to revise, and update all of the emergency protocols in the district.  In the coming months we will be utilizing outside emergency personnel to help us redraft our plan, which will ultimately come to the full RSU #74 School Board in the fall.

Jobs for Maine’s Graduates (JMG):

Mr. Richards and I were able to attend the Jobs for Maine's Graduates Career Development Conference on Tuesday March 27th, at Thomas College.  Our students are simply amazing. It was great to be there to support them. I am proud of how well they are outstanding examples of our community!

District School Budget Meeting:

Currently the RSU #74 School Budget Meeting is scheduled for April 26th, at 6:00 pm in the HS cafeteria.

Upcoming dates: