May Board Meeting

April 25th, 2017

In the last 30 days we have had seventy-two help desk tickets opened, and we have closed seventy-two. We still have thirteen tickets remaining. The tickets do not include all the student walk ins that happen during the day, or other staff walk ins that may happen. The average ticket time, from open to close is a little over half a day.

On March 20th grades 3-8 started testing for the State assessment eMPowerMEA. We have made sure that all the 5th and 6th grade macbooks, classroom macbooks, computer labs, and 7th and 8th grade computers are all set for the testing. We also have Chromebooks for the schools to use so that all students in grades 3-5 can test at the same time if desired.  The testing ended on April 14th.

This year we need to have a new Technology Plan approved by the State. This year is the first year for a new format for the Technology Plan. Part of the plan is creating a vision, or having a process for creating a vision. With all going on this year for staff, we will be outlining a process that we will complete this summer for creating the vision. Other parts of the Technology Plan uses data from a survey that the State requires that we have staff and students fill out each year. The surveys have all been filled out and the plan is now being reviewed by the school principals and administrators. Once they have given their approval it will go to the school board for approval.

With the budget approved for new computers for next year, we are now evaluating our options for next year, keeping in mind the budget, and the needs of the teachers and students. Information is still coming in so it would be premature to have a full plan now or to even start surveying teachers until we are sure of the information that we have.

Things are going well this year, and part of this is due to the excellent technology staff we have this year, and part is also due to the efforts of the rest of the staff who have been embracing new ideas and trying new techniques in the classroom using the technology that we provide to them, while also looking to the future.