February Board Meeting

January 23rd, 2018

In the last 30 days we have had seventy-five help desk tickets opened, and we have closed seventy-three. We still have eight help desk tickets open and have solved tickets within about half a day since they are opened on average. The tickets do not include all the student walk ins that happen during the day, or other staff walk ins that may happen.

In February we will learn more about the upcoming State MEA assessments which will start in Mid March.  The MEA is a computer based assessment that is given in grades 3-8. Once the software for testing is released we will make it our priority to install it on all the computer lab computers and if time allows the classroom computers.

Things are going well this year, and part of this is due to the excellent technology staff we have this year, and part is also due to the efforts of the rest of the staff who have been embracing new ideas and trying new techniques in the classroom using the technology that we provide to them, while also looking to the future.