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The sending school unit and RSU #74hereby agree to the terms set forth below for monitoring students from the sending school unit who are attendingRSU #74 as tuition students and who have been identified as in need of special education or in need of referral to special education.


A.) General Oversight for All Students


           Each high school student from the sending school unit will have a report form (Progress

           Report Form) and grades sent from the receiving high school to the sending school unit

           twice a year to monitor the student’s progress and to keep an accurate account on transfers

           and dropouts. The sending school unit shall designate a person to receive those reports.


           The sending school unit shall be responsible for contacting each high school guidance

           department to acquaint them with the Progress Report Form and to instruct them on its



           In addition, if there is a problem with the student that requires administrative intervention

           beyond the level of the student’s teacher, the Progress Report Form will be filled out by

           the designated person documenting the problem. That form will be immediately

           forwarded to the designated individual at the sending school unit. The receiving school

           unit shall also place a phone call to the designated person from the sending school unit to

           ensure that the sending unit to ensure that the sending unit is aware of the issue. Any

           action taken by the sending unit shall be document on the Progress Report Form.


B.) Oversight of Students Referred to Individual Education Program (IEP) for Evaluation


1.)    When a student is referred to a Individual Education Program (IEP) Teamor for

evaluation, the Director of Special Services of the receiving district will notify the Director of Special Services from the sending school unit (or other designated official) by means of the Progress Report Form within five days of the referral.


            2.) The sending school unit will enter the referral into the log to monitor timelines

                 and procedures as they would K-8 referrals.




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3.)    The sending school unit shall schedule the Individual Education Program (IEP) Team

meeting at a mutually convenient time for all parties and notify the receiving school unit and the parents as described in Special Education. Reg. Section 8.5.


4.)    Parents will be informed by the sending school unit of their procedural safeguards

                  in accordance with Maine Special Education Regulations and will receive

                  notification of meetings scheduled to discuss their child’s school program. Any

                  questions regarding the special education process should be directed to the

                  Director of Special Education in the sending school unit.


5.)    The Special Education Director from the sending school unit will chair the

                  Individual Education Program (IEP) Teammeetings held to review

                  evaluations and to make determinations on identification, programming and



C.) Oversight of Students Identified as in Need of Special Education


1.)    For those students enrolled in special education, their progress will be reviewed at

annual Individual Education Program (IEP) Teammeetings, through the general

oversight arrangements noted above, and through Individual Education Program (IEP) Teammeetings. Either the sending unit or receiving school unit may initiate a Individual  Education Program (IEP) Teammeeting, although the sending school unit shall initiate the annual Individual Education Program (IEP) Team to review and revise the individual education plan (IEP). Whichever school unit initiates the Individual Education Program (IEP) Teammeeting shall be responsible for scheduling the meeting at a mutually convenient time and for ensuring that notification requirements are met.


2.)    Parents will be informed of their procedural safeguards in accordance with the

      Maine Special Education Regulations and will receive notification of the

                  meetings scheduled to discuss their child’s school program. Questions regarding

                  the student’s progress or level of need that are raised with the receiving school

                  unit should also be relayed to the Special Education Director of the sending

                  school unit.


3.)    Every three (3)years, or more often if determined necessary by the sending   

                  school unit or the student’s Individual Education Program (IEP) Team, the

                  student will be re-evaluated as specified in the Special Education Regulations, at

                  the sending school unit’s expense. The process of notification will be

                 initiated by the sending school unit.



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