Instructional Coach Report

Instructional Coach Report

August 30, 2022

This month we are embarking on the second year of implementation of the K - 5 enVision math program. This past summer we had a trainer come in for a day in June to work with staff. In addition, she is returning in October and spending a day in each building, working with teachers and helping with the implementation. Additionally, we also provided another day of training for the Illustrative Mathematics program, which is in use for grades 6 - Algebra 2.

Over the summer ELA teachers from the various grade levels (9 - 12, 6 - 8, 3 - 5, and K - 2) met to determine the “Essential Standards” in their content area. Although all the Maine Learning Results are important, these identified Essential Standards will help us as we move forward in our intervention process, providing support to students in the areas that are most critical in ELA.

We are expanding our use of easyCBM, which is a progress monitoring tool we implemented last year. One of the issues we face is that the state wants to see us using at least two different assessments to identify areas of weakness in our program. Historically we have used the NWEA and the MEA; however, with the state merging NWEA and the MEA into one assessment, that left us with only a single measure. The easyCBM package includes a Fall, Winter, and Spring Benchmark assessment that will give us a second data point that the state wants us to have.

I have been working to get our certification database updated with all the new hires, so that we can stay on top of staff certification. I also on the opening day workshop did a training for teachers on our evaluation system.

I am eagerly looking forward to the new school year.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brian Twitchell

Instructional Coach

Mathematics and Science