CCS Report

To: School Board Directors

From: Keith Mahoney

Date: February 24, 2021

Re: Principal's Report

Carrabec Community School

We have been working hard at CCS this month to help students who need additional academic support. We launched a vacation school for February in which 31 students were invited to participate over February break and work on skills that they missed out on in Quarter 1. We plan on inviting 61 students to an April vacation school to cover Quarter 2. Our staff have been doing great things with flexibility when it comes to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to succeed.

We are utilizing some of our Tier III funding from the state to launch a book study for teachers this month using John Hattie’s Visible Thinking series. We are going to focus in on K-2 Math, 3-5 Math, 6-8 ELA, and 6-8 Math. The goal of the book study is to add data driven classroom strategies to teacher's toolkits that will improve student achievement. These books give strategies that teachers can implement along with the data gained during our NWEA testing in order to give a robust education to our students.

With support from the Good Shepard Food Bank, we will be holding our next drive through food giveaway 3/2/2021 from 1:30-3:00pm at Carrabec High School. Any local families are able to come get a box of food to support their family!

We are still playing Winter Sports and our basketball season is set to end this month. It has been great to see our student-athletes participating and getting better every week.

Have a wonderful March!

Keith Mahoney