CCS Report

To: School Board Directors

From: Tom Desjardins

Date: January 30, 2020

Re: Principal's Report

Carrabec Community School

January most certainly brought us some cold and snowy weather leaving us with a couple more storm days to add into our calendar. The low temperatures prevented our students from going outside but this did not stop the staff from finding alternate ways of having their students be active and release some energy during that time. I am looking forward to the progression towards spring. The days are starting to get longer and the sun is getting a little warmer with each and every day.

Great news! I am excited to share that Cobra Youth Wrestling is into its second year. This has been a huge undertaking and I have had great support to get this program rolling in our school. Mr. Ross Sirois continued fundraising allowing us some funding to get our wrestling singlets and gear and we are in hopes to gain more funds for next year to get our own wrestling mats. We currently have 45 students, ranging in age from pre –K to grade 8, participating in our program. Running our program is Coach Ross Sirois assisted by Coach Charlie Day and Coach Glenn Cossaboom. Our first tournament was held on Sunday, January 26th in Winslow. We will house our own tournament in March.

5210 joins Winter Kids. A great team of staff members have been enjoying some healthy winter fun activities with our kids as we join in on the Winter Kids Challenge. This challenge is presented to schools in Maine to encourage schools to get kids and adults involved in healthy outdoor activities in an otherwise very slump season for many.

The K – 5 After School Program is into its second cycle now. The program is funded by 5210 grant money and is geared towards healthy nutrition and exercise for the students involved. The program runs three days a week. The Fishing Club is still running with new and exciting creations every week.

So as we move forward through the remaining weeks of winter, we have many activities that our students can be involved in to keep them active, busy, entertained and healthy.

their Holiday Season with their loved ones and family.