CCS Report

To: School Board Directors

From: Keith Mahoney

Date: December 15, 2021

Re: Principal's Report

Carrabec Community School

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from CCS! As I look back on the past six months I know how hard everyone has worked to keep our students safe and that should be praised. We have been lucky and prepared for all scenarios and a lot of that has to do with how well our students, staff, and community have taken on enormous roles to keep everyone in the community safe and that should be applauded.

We are going to be scheduling the winter NWEA sessions for after break in order to analyze the data from Fall to Winter and look at trends that can inform our teaching and learning sequence.

Thanks to generous donations made by staff and community members we were able to help over 30 families during the holiday season through our “Giving Tree” which was organized by Darcie Nichols and Alicia Bedard. These families received clothes and toys for their holidays.

Beginning the new year I have set up meetings with families whose students have been struggling to meet our expectations in regards to grading and attendance. This is an ongoing effort to keep families and students engaged in RSU #74.

Also in regards to engagement I have been working with our community partner Somerset Public Health with various resources that deal with the topic of engagement. We have looked at different strategies and marketing materials that deal with accentuating the positive to help us in this goal.

Have a great new year, I hope we all stay safe and healthy.