CHS Report

Carrabec High School

Office of the Principal

North Anson, ME 04911

To: School Board Directors

From: Timothy Richards

Date: December 19, 2019

Re: Principal’s Report

Carrabec High School

● The Guidance Department is pleased to announce that their 7th Annual Giving Tree Fundraiser collected over $1350.00 worth of gift cards and cash from CHS Staff, various private businesses and Hannaford, Reny’s, Wal-Mart, Subway, McDonald’s, Irving, and Strand Cinema. The Guidance staff was able to purchase a “gift” for about half the students at the high school! A BIG thank you goes out to the faculty and friends who donated cards and cash and Mrs. Pat Jarvais for organizing this.

● Again this year, students at Carrabec will participate in the Project Unified Sports Basketball Program! This program provides students with special needs an opportunity to play basketball and compete against other schools. Carrabec will be coached by Doug Larlee.

● In December, JMG students from Carrabec High School took part in their annual Santa's Helpers community service project. Carrabec JMG raised $1,000 to purchase gifts, warm clothes and holiday meals for families in our community. Through their efforts they were able to purchase 3 gifts a piece for 34 students.

● On Monday, December 16, JMG held their first annual Reverse Career Fair/Dinner. After completing career surveys and determining a path, students researched their job (salaries, job requirements, education requirements, etc.) and lined up a professional job shadow. While on their job shadow, students conducted interviews with a professional in their field of interest to further gather an understanding of what it takes to start and excel in that career. The project concluded with a twist on the traditional “career fair,” where instead of colleges and businesses presenting, the students created tri-fold posters based on their research and experience, dressed professionally, and presented to the businesses they shadowed, other school and community members, and family and friends. By the end of the project, students had done an incredible amount of research on the career of their choice, had first-hand experience in the workplace, and polished their presentation skills as they spoke with many local business and educational leaders. JMG wanted to bring members of the community in to see what we've been doing. We decided to have a Community Dinner. We served about 50 community members and families. We're hoping this number grows each year. We received some great feedback from those that attended.

● Lastly, I wish you and yours a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.