Instructional Coach Report

Instructional Coach Report

May 26, 2021

Math Coaching - Much of my time in May was spent at the Garret Schenck school to help those teachers as they transitioned to two weeks of remote instruction. I also continued to work with teachers and ed techs in other buildings.

Evaluation System - Some tweaks have been made to the handbook based on feedback that was received. This will be on the agenda for the June Board Meeting to approve the handbook.

Mentoring - The mentor team met to reflect on the year, to finalize the mentoring handbook, and to make plans for next year. We will be developing some additional professional development sessions designed for new teachers that will be included next year.

WMEC - I continue to be part of the Remote Academy development team with the WMEC, although RSU #74 has no plans to utilize remote learning next year. I also continue to meet monthly with the WMEC Professional Development committee.

Curriculum Programs - I continue to help the Literacy Committee as they work to review the current Reading programs. I have contacted various publishers to request samples so that the group can review them over the summer and early fall. Their plan is to narrow down the selection to 2 - 3 programs and have more formal presentations from the publisher on those programs, with a goal towards making a recommendation by December to implement in 2022. This follows the pattern that I started with the math program review this past year.

Math Training - There are several math trainings occurring this summer and in the fall, both for the K - 5 program of enVision as well as the middle and high school program of Illustrative Mathematics. There will be enVision training in June, SuccessMaker training (the digital intervention that is part of enVision) also in June, and Illustrative Mathematics training in August. In the fall we have additional training on SuccessMaker and enVision.

KVML - The Kennebec Valley Math League has completed their season of competition. I have been working to arrange to get individual trophies and team trophies to the various schools for them to distribute. Our plan for next year is that our final meet will go back to an in-person competition so trophies can be distributed on the day of that meet.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brian Twitchell

Instructional Coach

Mathematics and Science