Instructional Coach Report

Instructional Coach Report

February 24, 2021

Math Coaching - I have one teacher I meet weekly with to do a pre-observation conference, then the observation of the class, and then a post-observation conference. All of this is done over Google Meet. I have other teachers that I meet with more informally, both to discuss aspects of math teaching but sometimes also to be a resource around remote learning.

MAP Skills - I continue to provide training to K - 8 teachers on MAP Skills, and am now moving to helping individual teachers implement and interpret the results and helping them find ways to target areas of weakness.

Workshop Planning - Jean Butler and I have been putting in many hours to plan the March 19th workshop. The rough schedule provides for grade level meetings in the morning and targeted staff led workshop sessions in the afternoon. We are finalizing the list of those workshops and will soon be asking staff to register for the various sessions. Social distancing for our staff creates many complications around the creation of this workshop plan.

STEAM - The lead teachers for STEAM continue to meet to coordinate STEAM activities and resources within the district and between the various schools.

CCS Leadership Team - I have worked with the CCS Leadership team to develop a protocol for our Book Study on Visible Learning. This will be launching on March 3.

Mentoring - The workshop on Special Ed that the mentor team designed was rescheduled for February 10th but we had several new teachers as well as vetran teachers attend. We will be working on the designing the next workshop session in the near future.

Support for students - I continue to be in communication with curriculum people both in neighboring districts as well as the WMEC and looking for ideas on how to better support students who are struggling. Every opportunity I have I ask about strategies to better engage students who are learning asynchronously.

WMEC - I continue to meet monthly with the WMEC Professional Development committee. Myself and another RSU 74 staff member attended a PD on February 24 on the topic of “Fascinating Teaching Strategies that Work Online and in the Classroom.” This PD was virtual and had no cost to our district due to our WMEC membership..

State Wide Book Study - The statewide Zoom book study on “Teaching Math at a Distance” is scheduled to kick off on March 4th with an introduction by the author. My part of facilitating this will be on March 18th. There are 95 participants from across the state who will be attending.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brian Twitchell

Instructional Coach

Mathematics and Science