Superintendent's Report

Superintendent Report

From: Mike Tracy, Superintendent

Date: 01-05-2022

To: RSU # 74 School Board

I. Legal/Risk:

A. Current Legal Update:


II. Governance / Policy:

A. Current Local Update:

1. Next REGULAR RSU #74 Board Meeting is scheduled for February 2, 2022 at 6:30 pm

2. There is a Building and Grounds subcommittee meeting scheduled for January 12, 2022 4:30 pm

3. There is a School Board Workshop [Mid-Year Review] scheduled for February 2, 2022 at 5 pm

4. There is a Finance Subcommittee meeting scheduled for February 16, at 6 pm

B. a. MSMA Updates:

Mr. Tracy is attending the Winter Convocation of State Superintendents on January 20-21st, he will bring back any updates to our School Board at their February School Board Meeting. This conference/meeting is put on by MSSA.

C. Legislative Update:


D. Policy Update:


III. Budget and Finance:

A. State Level:

We hope to have the anticipated ED279 state funding formula document in early February.

B. Finance Local:


IV. Operations:

A. Facilities Department and Transportation:

Ms. Agren will update the School Board RE: Facilities and Grounds updates.

V. Principal’s Reports: (GSS, Solon, CSS and CHS)

Building administrators to report.

VI. Mr. Tracy Updates and Board Meeting Information:

Synchronous Learning Update:

The district is working to deploy the School Board directive for the start of the spring semester on January 18, 2022.

Leadership and Lunch:

Mr. Tracy met with the student counsel at CHS to work on some fun ways to build school spirit, he plans to work with them and Mr. Richards to facilitate something this spring.

Engagement 101 Series:

Mr. Tracy has begun a 5 part Professional Development series for teachers and staff after school called “Engagement 101.” This professional development is for any staff member who wants to learn about and work on the philosophy and practice behind one of our school district goals.


Support Staff negotiations has begun, the first session went extremely well. We hope to have another meeting in January. Ultimately the agreement will need to be ratified by their whole Support Staff association and approved by the full School Board.

A Recommendation for Masks to Continue:

We have had almost 100 cases (91 at the writing of this report), of COVID-19 reported this year between staff and students in our schools. Since the mask mandate went into place, we have NOT been advised to close any schools. The administrative team has indicated that we have had far more students remain in-person for learning (about ⅓ more) since the universal mask mandate went into effect. Our students, overall, have adjusted well to wearing masks while in school. So, until the rules (the Maine CDC SOP) changes our response to COVID-19 cases, or we see a decline in cases within our schools I recommend remaining universally masked while indoors.

COVID-19 Update:

  • 3 Positive cases during the Holiday vacation.