School Cancellations

School Cancellations & Early Dismissal

In the event that there is a school cancellation, the notification will be on TV Channel 2 (WLBZ-2), Channel 5 (WABI-TV), Channel 6 (WCSH-6) and on radio FM 92.3 (92 Moose) and FM 98.5. If you are a parent or guardian of a student you should also receive an email or telephone call from the InTouch system with a message that school has been canceled. If your phone number or email address has changed, please contact you student's school to update your contact information to insure the Alert Now system will work correctly.

Cancellation information will also be posted on our website at & Facebook.

When school is canceled during the day, the same radio and television station are contacted, we post the information on our website, and we will contact parents of younger students (K-5). Bus drivers are asked not to drop off students in grades K-5 if the driver knows no one is home. The bus driver will return to school with the student or will leave the student with the person identified on the emergency card or a relative, if that stop is on the bus route.

November 12th - No School

November 18th - Dismissed at 11:30

November 19th - 2 Hour Delay

December 9th - 2 Hour Delay

January 16th - No School

February 6th - Dismissed at 11:00

February 7th - No School

February 10th - 2 Hour Delay

February 27th - No School

March 2nd - 2 Hour Delay

March 13th - 2 Hour Delay