Identifying COVID-19 Symptoms

Pre-screening tool for school: symptoms of Coronavirus

Pre-screening Tool for School Attendance(Maine DOE Updated 10.9.20): English

Symptoms of Coronavirus (U.S. CDC)

COVID-19 Child Feels or Appears Unwell Flowchart: PDF Legal Sized

Eval for Sick Child in Schools with PCR Antigen Testing - Maine AAP

COVID Test Site Information:


Recommendations when making appointments for testing ask:

1. Cost of testing?

2. How long to get the results? What lab are they using?

Additional Health Resources

The following links will take you to the Center for Disease Control's websites. These sites are updated regularly with current information about the coronavirus (COVID-19). The links have information on how to decrease the spread of the virus at home, school, work and in the community. The sites look to provide answers to many of the questions that we all have regarding health and safety.

  • School Decision-making Tool for Parents, Caregivers, and Guardians

  • Back to School Planning for In Person Classes

Required Immunizations

Maine Immunization Requirements

State of Maine Law

The Maine Immunization Program (MIP) has compiled a list of facilities offering vaccine clinics organized by county. Click the link below for more information