RSU #74 Mission Statement

The school community of RSU #74 will work together to raise the aspirations of all students by providing them with lifelong learning skills so that they may become self-sufficient contributing members of society.

Staff Spotlight

December Staff Spotlight

Brian Twitchell

Everyone knows that when it comes to a love for working with students, a love for Mathematics and a love for teaching, that Mr. Brian Twitchell possesses this love for all of these things and more…

Anyone can look around RSU #74 and these things can be seen in his practice!  Mr. Twitchell served many years as a teacher, and has so many positive attributes that it would be hard to note them all.  A few highlights over his career include presiding over the Maine State Math meet, and working to grade benchmark assessments with colleagues around the nation.

Mr. Twitchell has over 27 years in public education as a Teacher, Mentor and Math Coach.  He has taught at the college level, and has received awards for his work over the years, including the “Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching in 2002”  Mr. Twitchell is working to improve the quality of education in our district by offering learning-focused professional development for our staff.

Mr. Twitchell loves his family, most recently as seen with the birth of his first grandchild.  It was wonderful seeing him so proud around the district, showing off pictures of the new family addition!  Mr. Twitchell often goes above and beyond what is asked of him as a Math Coach, and many of us look up to him in many ways.  Recently, he was working with a whole group of teachers who truly embraced his talents. One remarked, “I am not sure what we would do without Mr. Twitchell.”  -This, and much more is what our very own Mr. Brian Twitchell is worthy of this month’s Staff Spotlight!

Superintendent Newsletter

Winter Concert will be on
January 15th at 6:00 PM at
Carrabec Community School

Carrabec Community School Veteran's Day Celebration. Special Thanks to all the Veterans and to Hunter Sousa the producer of this video!

3D Printer Student Artwork Grades K-8

Congratulations Carrabec High School!