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The school community of RSU #74 will work together to raise the aspirations of all students by providing them with lifelong learning skills so that they may become self-sufficient contributing members of society.


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Staff Spotlight

March Staff Spotlight

Maureen “Moe” Simpson

Taking pride in your school are the words to live by for Garret Schenck custodian extraordinaire Maureen “Moe” Simpson, the focus of our Staff Spotlight for the month of March. Moe has worked at Garret Schenck and RSU #74 for eleven years as the afternoon/evening custodian, dedicating herself to the challenging mission of making a ninety-three-year-old school building shine.

Moe is an exceptional worker and over-achiever who goes above and beyond the call of duty on a daily basis. In her work she is fast, thorough, and efficient and stays to a schedule, but she can also be flexible when special school events are happening and her schedule needs to change to accommodate them. She is protective of the school and works with outside groups who use the building to be sure it is left in good condition. Positive in everything she does, Moe never complains or says, “That's not my job,” no matter what tasks she is asked to do. No amount of glitter and glue can deter her in her goal to keep the school clean!

Moe is greatly valued by all of the Garret Schenck staff, who appreciate her work ethic, the quality of the work she does, her sense of humor, and her friendly and sunny manner. Moe supports the students, who leave her notes on their desks to thank her for the great job she does, to apologize if they have done a class activity which was especially messy, or just to say hello. One of Moe's favorite projects is to assist the elves who visit the school each Christmas season to leave decorative messages for the students and to stage an Elf Parade on the day before vacation begins.

Moe is an MVP of the district's custodial staff and the Garret Schenck team. She deserves our thanks and a moment in the spotlight!


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