RSU #74 Mission Statement

The school community of RSU #74 will work together to raise the aspirations of all students by providing them with lifelong learning skills so that they may become self-sufficient contributing members of society.

Staff Spotlight

April Staff Spotlight

Brenda Mullin

In the schools of RSU #74, teachers depend greatly on the help of our educational technicians, who play an extremely valuable role in our mission to provide a quality educational program for all of our students. One of those very important people is our Staff Spotlight for April, Mrs. Brenda Mullin, who works as an Educational Technician III in the Special Education Department at Garret Schenck Elementary School in Anson. We couldn't do the work we do at Garret Schenck without Mrs. Mullin!

Mrs. Mullin started her career in RSU #74 as a substitute teacher. She joined the staff in 2000 as an ed tech in Special Education. Her teaching talents, organizational skills, and work ethic are valued by the staff. Mrs. Mullin is dedicated to her students and passionate about the work she does to help them to reach greater levels of achievement despite any struggles and obstacles they face. She holds students to high standards of work and behavior. She cares about every student's health and welfare as well as his or her academic progress, and she advocates for the needs of her students.

In addition to her work with students in the Resource Room and in classrooms, Mrs. Mullin contributes greatly to the life of the school in many ways. She has leadership skills, is a team player, and takes the initiative and follows through on assignments and projects; thus she has become the go-to person whenever we want something done well and on time. Mrs. Mullin attends and helps out with every school function. As co-advisor to the Garret Schenck Civil Rights Team, she helps the team to educate all of our students about the negative effects of biased behaviors and the importance of recognizing and celebrating the uniqueness of each person. Mrs. Mullin also is a member of the school's leadership team, assisting in school improvement efforts. In the school gym, she constructs a big wall display which she changes every month; the theme of these displays is always a positive way that students and staff connect as a school community. Mrs. Mullin has written a number of grants which have secured funding for special projects for our students. She also teaches Summer School.

Mrs. Mullin is a lifelong learner who engages in continuous professional development to increase her knowledge and skills in teaching. She serves the district as a member of the Literacy Committee, Career Awareness Committee, Community Literacy Team, Staff Development Committee, and Carrabec Education Association. She steps up to lend a helping hand whenever a need arises, and she goes above and beyond in her contribution to her school and district.

The Garret Schenck School and RSU #74 are fortunate to have a staff member so dedicated to children, her colleagues, and the community as Mrs. Brenda Mullin, which is why she is the focus of this month's Staff Spotlight.

District 4 Music Festival
Greetings RSU74 Community,

Before February Break, I received confirmation from the coordinators of the District 4 Musical Festival (encompassing essentially every music program from Skowhegan west to Jay and up to Jackman) that EIGHT of our students were accepted into the Elementary Chorus Festival on April 3rd, 2019.  As far as I can tell, this is the first time students in our district will have the opportunity to participate in the festival in over 10 years, and I am very excited to be bringing RSU74 actively back into District 4.

The students are:

Camron Davis
Ciarrah Whittemore
Haley McFayden
Anna Canalas
Rowan Slate
Alexis Fortin

Elenoar McKinnon
Cody James

These students will be working with me, and on their own, over the next month to prepare for the festival, where they will be singing with nearly 100 other students.  It is sure to be an incredible experience for these eight students, and one that will push them forward on their musical journey.

Superintendent Newsletter

Budget Hearing will be held on April 25th at 6:00 PM at Carrabec High School

Congratulations Carrabec High School!