RSU #74 Mission Statement

The school community of RSU #74 will work together to raise the aspirations of all students by providing them with lifelong learning skills so that they may become self-sufficient contributing members of society.

May 30th Budget Meeting

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Staff Spotlight

May Staff Spotlight

Dave McManus

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David McManus

Mr. McManus is a true Mainer and he brings his passion for the state of Maine and the study of Native Americans to life in his teaching.   He connects with every student and has an incredible rapport with them. An avid hunter and fisherman, Mr. McManus will share stories of hunting, fishing, and various other activities in nature that students can relate to in their own lives.  It brings him great joy when students bring in pictures or share stories of their own experiences in nature. He grows a huge garden and often brings different forms of his vegetation into the school to show the students, once again inspiring the love and respect of nature.

He has spent 35 years making a difference in students’ lives.  He models this by in turn taking the students out to “make a difference” in someone else’s life.  For many years he took his students to the home of an elderly woman where they would do yard work for her to help her out and get ready for the winter.  A former teacher at the Garret Schenck School, he returns every year with his students to stage a haunted house event for the students there. It is these type of activities that allow students to feel good about themselves.   

Once his students, now his peers, Mr. McManus has mentored new teachers and helped them grow to their fullest potential.  He also has a great interaction with parents of his students as they were once his students as well. His interaction with the younger students allows the students to learn about him and gain a relationship with him at an early age.  

He will now be moving to yet another journey in life as he retires from teaching.  We wish him all the time to enjoy all of the things he loves to do. We hope he rides his tractor every day, his garden grows larger with each year, he goes hunting and fishing every chance he gets and glides effortlessly through the snow on his cross country skis.  

District 4 Music Festival
Greetings RSU74 Community,

Before February Break, I received confirmation from the coordinators of the District 4 Musical Festival (encompassing essentially every music program from Skowhegan west to Jay and up to Jackman) that EIGHT of our students were accepted into the Elementary Chorus Festival on April 3rd, 2019.  As far as I can tell, this is the first time students in our district will have the opportunity to participate in the festival in over 10 years, and I am very excited to be bringing RSU74 actively back into District 4.

The students are:

Camron Davis
Ciarrah Whittemore
Haley McFayden
Anna Canalas
Rowan Slate
Alexis Fortin

Elenoar McKinnon
Cody James

These students will be working with me, and on their own, over the next month to prepare for the festival, where they will be singing with nearly 100 other students.  It is sure to be an incredible experience for these eight students, and one that will push them forward on their musical journey.

Superintendent Newsletter

Bradley Clark working on his Art Project at CHS

Congratulations Carrabec High School!