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A grievance is a matter whereby the grievant objects to an educational or hiring practice believed to be in violation of Equal Employment Opportunity statues, rules, regulations or guidelines.


MSAD #74 does not discriminate in the educational and employment policies, programs, and practices which it operates and will honor all appropriate laws relating to discrimination in regard to a person’s race, color, sex, religion, ancestry, national origin, age or disability as identified in ADA 90.


Any student or employee or any person seeking admission or employment deeming himself/herself to have been the object of discrimination on any of the grounds cited above may appeal for redress in the following manner:


1.) Grievant contacts the Affirmative Action Coordinator of the District to request an informal conference to discuss a grievance within thirty (30) days of the alleged discrimination.

2.) If the grievant is not satisfied with the results of the meeting, he/she may write a letter to the Superintendent within five (5) working days of the meeting stating the grievance. The Superintendent will reply within ten (10) working days of receipt of the grievant’s letter, providing copies of the correspondence to the Affirmative Action Coordinator.

3.) If the grievant is not satisfied with the resolution proposed by the Superintendent, the grievant should write within ten (10) working days to the Affirmative Action Coordinator of the District who will bring the matter before the Affirmative Action Advisory Committee for recommendation to the Board of Directors at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.

4.) The Chairman of the Board of Directors shall render its decision to the grievant within ten (10) days thereafter.

5.) If the grievant is not satisfied with the decision of the Board of Directors, the grievant may contact any of the following:

A.) Department of Agriculture

B.) Department of Education

C.) Department of Health and Human Services

D.) Department of Housing and Urban Development

E.) Department of the Interior

F.) Department of Justice

G.) Department of Labor

H.) Department of Transportation