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                                                SPECIAL EDUCATION STUDENTS



For exceptional students, between the ages of fifteen (15) and twenty (20), a student's Individual Education Plan (IEP) may make appropriate adaptations of the specific state and local graduation requirements to meet those unique skills and abilities that result from the student's exceptionality.  The Individual Education Plan shall specify those adaptations, in the student's Individualized Education Program, along with the projected date of graduation.


Unless the RSU #74 Board adopts specific competency-based and/or program requirements applicable to all graduating students,  RSU #74 shall grant a Regular High School Diploma to exceptional students who have completed the graduation requirements in their Individual Education Programs when the adaptations that were made to the statutory requirements in 20-M.S.R.A. & 4722 do not eliminate and replace those statutory requirements, but instead provide reasonable modifications of the specific statutory requirements to reflect limitations resulting from the child's exceptionality.


RSU #74 shall accept the Individual Education Plan determination of an exceptional student's graduation requirements as written in the student's Individual Education Program for exceptional students, between the ages of fifteen (15) and twenty  (20) inclusive.  The RSU #74 District shall inform in writing, and in accordance with the Maine Special Education Regulation 10.3, both the parent and, when appropriate, the student, that completion of the student's Individual Education Program and consequent graduation constitutes a termination of eligibility for special education services as outlined in Maine Special Education Regulations 9.5(c).


Legal Reference:       Ch. 127 § 7.02(B) (Me. Dept. of Ed. Rules)


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