Policy GDAI

POLICY:  GDAI          


CANCELS SHEET DATED: 1/10/96, 9/7/88 (GDAA)


JOB TITLE: Bus Driver (Regular and Substitute)

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Character, driving record, and health must be acceptable.  Must hold a valid Maine Bus Drivers License.  CDL with air brake, and PY endorsements.  High School graduate or equivalent.  Able to pass and maintain physical required by law. Must be able to lift 50lbs as necessary.


QUALIFICATIONS DESIRED: Driver Certification.          


 1.) Obeys all traffic laws and reports to the Maintenance/Transportation Supervisor anyone driving who is endangering the safety of the bus passengers.

 2.) Able to react and change productively to handle the tasks assigned.

 3.) Regular drivers must maintain weekly safety/conduct reports and administer grades during ranking periods.

 4.) Teach safety and good conduct during School Bus Safety Week and anytime necessary during the school year.

 5.) Attend safety conferences and Maintenance/Transportation meetings.                         

 6.) Observes all mandatory safety regulations for school bus.

 7.) Maintains discipline when students are on the bus.

 8.) Reports any students to the Maintenance/Transportation Supervisor or Lead Transportation if any discipline problem is unable to be resolved by the driver.

 9.) Keeps assigned bus clean, inside and out.

10.) Checks bus before and after each operation for mechanical defects and completes necessary maintenance records.

11.) Notifies the Maintenance/Transportation Supervisor in case of mechanical failure.    

12.) Discharges students only at authorized stops.                       

13.) Transports only authorized students.

14.) Obeys and enforces school bus regulations.

15.) Exercises responsible leadership on all bus trips.

16.) Reports all accidents and completes required forms.

17.) Performs other duties as may be reasonably assigned by the Maintenance/Transportation Supervisor.

18.) Willing and able to abide by Policy EEAEA -- Drug and Alcohol Testing.

19.) Conducts a minimum of two bus evacuation drills within the first two months of school.

LINE OF AUTHORITY: Reports directly to Maintenance/Transportation Supervisor.

SALARY: Established annually by the Board of Directors.

FRINGE:   Established annually by the Board or Directors

WORK YEAR: 180 days

Amended:  November 2, 2016