April 2024


To: RSU #74 Board of Directors


From: Tara Morin


Re: Carrabec Community School March 2024 School Board Report 

“The best successes came on the heels of failures.” ~ Barbara Corcoran


It is winter again after a brief spring. Warmer weather, the elimination of winter outerwear, and additional recess equipment are all desirable outcomes that we all anticipate with the arrival of spring weather.


A surprise water bar and treats were presented to the personnel on February 27. They were instructed to choose either Fabulous Friday Fruit & Veggies or March Madness cure pills (various varieties of M&Ms) by combining them with a water bottle, a flavoring packet, a slice of lemon or lime, and a green and white straw. I received some assistance from an anonymous former CCS associate. The personnel thoroughly enjoyed it.


Taking care of the aforementioned staff in an effort to acknowledge exceptional, accountable, considerate, secure, and polite conduct among all CCS personnel. Popular during the winter is hot chocolate. After a mid-year teacher change and the addition of new students, the fifth grade was rewarded with a cup for their arduous efforts to improve their conduct. 7th and 8th graders will be presented with steaming cocoa as their next reward.


Each morning, Mrs. Patti Theberge conducts a “word teaser” during the designated time during calendar time. In response to the daily question, "Who is the bigwig at school?" are the pupils required to provide their answers? I entered exactly at the moment she said it. Each first-grader, including Mrs. Theberge and Mrs. Foss, laughed heartily. Madame Theberge subsequently inquired as to its meaning. "The boss" was the response of many, who then pointed at me. That may be the first occasion the phrase "perfect timing" has been applied to me.


During this week's book study, Mrs. Rachel Burke proposed that children may find solace in music. Recently, one pupil was helped, she explained. The district children's attentiveness and their demonstration of responsible, respectful, secure, and kind conduct during last week's USMC Band performance were observed.


In order to commemorate the birthdays of a brother and sister, their mother delivered pizza and chips to the entire seventh and eighth grades. It was quite a journey, and I would like to thank Ashley Mercier for the donation and Jenah Leeman and Lorie Agren for their organizing efforts. Additionally, the children were enthusiastic about the chips.