Dec 6 Agenda

Regular Meeting

RSU #74 Board of Directors

December 6, 2017

6:00 p.m.


Carrabec Community School


1.) Adjustments to the agenda.

2.) To see if the Board will approve the Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of November 1, 2017.


3.) Presentation: Pre- K

4.) Reports: Written Reports were mailed to Board Members and are available online at

A.) Superintendent’s Report

1. Appointments:

Kathy Stevens - Interim 1 Year Fourth Grade Teacher at CCS – per contract

Doug Larlee – Softball Coach CCS – per contract

Harold Withee – One Act Play Director – per contract

Tammy Conners – Grant Writing - $2000 stipend

Brian Twitchell – Data /Evaluation Coordinator - $5000 stipend

Melmac Summer Contact Stipend - $500

2. Resignations: None

3. Nominations: None

B.) Administrators – As written

C.) Committees:

Building/Grounds/Transportation – November 15th

Academic Committee – November 29th

Negotiations Committee – November 29th

Finance Committee – Audit update FY17 – December 1st

5.) Citizens comments on agenda items.


6.) To see if the Board will approve the Resolution from MSBA – Support for Public Education 1.3.

7.) To see if the Board will approve moving the Pre-K transportation to regular K-12 transportation.


8.) To see if the Board will discuss collaboration updates and Grant submission updates.


9.) To see if the Board will enter into executive session under MRS. Title 1, Chapter 13, Sub Ch. 1. S.S 405.6.D. Support Staff Collective Bargaining Unit.

10.) Adjournment