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RSU #74 Mission Statement

The school community of RSU #74 will work together to raise the aspirations of all students by providing them with lifelong learning skills so that they may become self-sufficient contributing members of society.

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Staff Spotlight

Our bus drivers here in RSU #74 are amazing people who have a tough job. We would like to take this opportunity to say, “Thank You” to them, and select this great team for the Staff Spotlight!

Our drivers hold an integral position in our school system for so many reasons. They have the task of getting the children of the district to school and back home safely everyday with constant distractions, varying weather conditions and changes in routes while carrying a smile.

The drivers’ dedication to safety and commitment to the community are truly appreciated. Every morning they are up before the sun, to faithfully make their way through all kinds of weather and cheerfully greet the children of the district, day after day, year after year, to ensure they safely make it to school and back home. We are grateful for them.

They make a difference each day! Their faces are the first faces our kids see as they leave their homes in the morning; and they set the tone for the day and always make it a good one. They get early morning phone calls about busing changes and without hesitation this team pulls together to make it happen!

We want you to know how much your work matters, how blessed we are each day that you do what you do. We know your job isn’t easy! Congratulations to the Bus Drivers of RSU #74!

“Anyone can drive a car,

but it takes someone special to drive a school bus!”

Congratulations Carrabec High School!

From the Desk of the Superintendent

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