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School Bus Rules - Regulations - Safety Practices

Bus Code of Conduct



State law, Title 29, Section 2019-2A states that a vehicle may not pass a stopped school bus with red flashing lights on school grounds or roadways. The exception to this law is a roadway separated by curbing or other similar physical barrier when you are traveling on the opposite side of the separation from the bus. MSAD #74 bus drivers will report ALL safety violations to the Superintendent’s Office for referral to the State Police. If a person is found guilty, a fine of not less than $50.00 and not more than $300.00 may have to be paid.

When buses are stopped for loading and unloading of students, whether at their home or at school, students may cross in front of the school bus. Our concern is for the SAFETY OF THE CHILDREN. So please, do not pass a stopped bus!