Superintendent's Report

May 31, 2023

Dear Board Members,

First, let me apologize for this mailing being delayed.  I waited too long to have my meeting with Troy and Kevin and as a result, we didn’t get the agenda finalized until last night.

The agenda appears to be long but looks are deceiving.  I have requested all fall co-curricular and year-long stipend positions be placed on this agenda so as many as possible are filled and stipend agreements signed prior to staff beginning these responsibilities.  There are also a significant number of assignments associated with Summer School programs.  These are paid for through the remaining Covid funds.  I will speak to FTE staff who are either changing positions or filling vacant positions.

Eileen McDonald has been offered the vacant Cook Manager position at Garret Schenck.  Eileen has worked several years as the Assistant Cook at CCS.  When needed, she has gone to the two outlying schools to fill in for Cook Managers who were out for a day and for multiple days.  When in those schools, she has demonstrated she is ready for the responsibilities that go with the position.

Taylor Fournier has been offered the Assistant Cook position at CCS.  Taylor has substituted for us in the cafeteria as needed so she fully understands the responsibilities of the position.   She does have kitchen experiences in the private sector as well.

Tiffany Medwick has been offered the vacant bus driver position.  This position currently serves one of the Solon routes.  She has been subbing for us on this route for a solid portion of the school year.  Tiffany comes to us with 9 years of experience driving school buses in another state.

Retirements include Elaine Jilllson.  Elaine has served as an Education Technician III in RSU #74 for 16 years most recently at the High School.  We wish Elaine the best for a long and healthy retirement.

No vote needed on these.

Nominations:  (Will need separate motions and votes)

Jillian Holden is being nominated to fill the Interventionist Position in Anson.  Jillian has been working in RSU #74 as an Ed-Tech III at CCS so fully understands the support role that is needed in this new position.

Barbara Jordan is being nominated as a 40% FTE District Interventionist.  She has done amazing work in Anson to support teachers and students at AGSS.  She will move throughout the district to provide support to the interventionist with strategies for them to implement when working with students who lag behind their peers.

Kim Swihart is being nominated to fill the vacant grade 4 position at CCS.  Ms. Swihart has been working in the Waterville Public Schools for the past 15 years.  She has experience as a 3rd grade and 4th grade teacher as well as a Literacy Specialist for K-2 in Waterville.  Her references gave accolades to her instructional practices and classroom management skills.

Jaime Partridge is being nominated to fill the Special Education Teacher position for Autism.  According to Grace Cram, “Jamie Partridge is currently the executive director of a special purpose private preschool that opened in Skowhegan in December of 2022.  Prior to that Mrs. Partridge worked in the community as an applied behavior analyst.  Mrs. Partridge has also worked in neighboring public school systems as an Educational Technician III/Lead Behavior Teacher.  This school year Mrs. Partridge has provided some behavior consultation to students in RSU#74 and has also assisted in a workshop for educational technicians.”  

Action Items:

Item #8.  This is the second reading of Policy IKF:  Graduation Requirements

Item #9.  As I shared at the April meeting, Peter received 2 requests initially from students at the Alternative Education program for early graduation.  He met with both as both had the course work done.  At the end of the meetings, only one wished to continue with the idea of graduating this spring.  We received a request from the KVMPA lead teacher for both diplomas last week.  Peter did call the family and has recommended that the second student be allowed to receive his diploma as a member of the Class of 2023.  These students do not participate in our graduation ceremonies.

Item #10.  This motion will allow the superintendent to sign contracts with prospective teachers throughout the summer by passing the middle step in the process until the fall when the Board will vote on the appointments.  This ensures that we do not lose candidates while waiting for a Board meeting to happen.

Item #11.  After triple checking the numbers.  Bob Lindblom’s  idea of moving all of Embden students to Solon does help alleviate numbers at CCS.   The enclosed table shows the end results of these moves including sending all students on the Horseback Road and Campground Road to Anson.  It isn’t perfect but every little bit helps.  Besides the table showing enrollment numbers, your packet also contains Policy JF that was referenced multiple times in our workshop.

Item #12.  I received this request yesterday to ask the Board for approval to take a group of 8th grade students on an overnight trip to Flagstaff.  As shared by Mr. Ferrari in his email, This trip is to the Flagstaff Hut, it ties into the Maine history curriculum as well as our energy unit in science. This is a trip that we have done in the past but have not had a chance to do again since Covid. Thanks to the huts and some generous donations by local companies the cost is also already taken care of.”  Despite the short notice, I would ask for your support.

Item #13.  In the executive session I wish to provide additional information that I did not have when we met last winter to discuss my 2023-2024 contract.  Thank you.

In closing, I will tell you that it has not been quiet here in this office.  The hype of the Budget meeting, (may have been my own hype…nerves) certainly took a great deal of energy.  That meeting went very well.  Thank you for your assistance in getting past step one of the process.  Between all the happenings with my own senior and all the activities here, there haven’t been many quiet evenings at home!  I am quite surprised that the weeds haven’t overtaken my vegetables!!

Respectfully submitted,