Technology Report

Technology Manager May Board Meeting

July 26th, 2022

After the laptop collection at the end of the school year, my two staff members have been hard at work going through each one, charging them and making sure that they are all set for the students to use next year. Our goal is to ensure that every student will have a laptop ready for them to use day 1 of school. Right now it looks like we are on track to meet that goal.

Last year we decided to move to a system that consolidates the district communication with parents into one platform, ParentSquare. August we will be communicating with parents about this change, and how they can utilize it and its app to help them ensure a successful implementation.

The student registration system has been updated for the new school year, and will ask parents to use it this year for the beginning of the year paperwork and for any new students. Physical paperwork will be provided to parents as needed.

Things are going as well as can be expected this year, and part of this is due to the excellent technology staff we have this year, and part is also due to the efforts of the rest of the staff who have been embracing new ideas and trying new techniques in the classroom using the technology that we provide to them, while also looking to the future.