Good Evening,

Maintenance and Custodians:                   

The Maintenance Hiring Process has been completed, and the first week of orientation has been completed. The new hires are Josh Nichols from Anson, Maine and Shawn Gross from Waterville, Maine. They both bring vast experience in both facilities and maintenance fields. We look forward to getting them further acquainted with the district as the make their rounds to the schools.

We are currently still interviewing for the CCS Custodial position. We hope to wrap this up by the end of May with an anticipated hire day prior to the end of the school year.

In speaking with members of the team, we look forward to the summer months for improvements and freshening up the district for the returning students in the fall.


Transportation still continues to be our biggest struggle with the aging bus fleet. Although our inspections went well, there were many things that were pointed out that the State would like to see addressed prior to the start of our new school year. There are many things that we also would like to address with our fleet that would improve the overall appearance of our buses, this may include some painting and updated lettering.

In addition, we are hoping to focus on reorganizing our garage this summer as this would allow us to use both service bays because along with our bus fleet, we also have a fleet of 6 vans that our mechanics are servicing, so adequate work space is important. In doing this we should also have space to organize and inventory parts for all of the district vehicles.   


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,

Christopher Roux

Director of Operations