Director of Operations Board Report

February 1, 2023

The Maintenance team has continued doing a great job with staying up on the work orders daily. The biggest push last month, other than storm control, was getting the emergency lighting up to code and operational. All the systems will be upgraded to led rather than operating off a bank of batteries. These lights are more efficient, cheaper to replace, and have a longer life span.

The storms this month were challenging due the ice storm we had on the weekend. The crew has worked feverously to maintain all areas of schools to keep safety are number one priority.

It seems we are starting to see fewer illnesses around school, thank you to the custodians for doing their part in keeping the schools clean and sanitized.

Transportation has remained consistent with 11 buses currently running out of the 13 we have. Buses #15 (O’Connor) and its sister remain the only 2 buses not currently operational. Still no word on when the parts will be in for #15. We have 2 buses due for inspection in February.

Please if you have any other questions or concerns reach out to me.

Robert Greene