Director of Operations Board Report

June 5th, 2023

I would first like to thank the maintenance guys for their excellent job in maintaining the ballfields. We have had many comments on how well the fields look and shape they are in. It takes a team effort and they have come together to pull this off. Also, for their efforts in getting Solon field in playing condition for the younger kids. It’s encouraging to see the younger kids get involved, and I look forward to working with them further as they get to middle school.

We continue to battle with being short staffed in the custodial field, a big thank you to all the others for stepping up and taking on more work. We look to fill the vacant custodial position soon. We all are getting ready for all the activities for end of school year, we will be busy.

Transportation continues to move along with 11 of our 12 buses currently running. The other bus is currently awaiting a part and were are hoping it is back on the road next week. Thank you to the guys for keeping things running and working hard to keep the buses on the road.

As always, I am available any time for questions or concerns.


Robert Greene

Director of Operations