Sept 4 Agenda

Regular Meeting

RSU #74 Board of Directors

September 4, 2019

6:00 pm


Carrabec High School


1.) Adjustments to the agenda.

2.) To see if the Board will approve the Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of August 7, 2019 and the Special Board Minutes of August 26, 2019.


3.) Presentation: Academic Goals Presentation – Mr. Tracy

Fall Athletic Update

4.) Reports: Written Reports were mailed to Board Members and are available online at

A.) Superintendent’s Report

1. Appointments:

Aimie Pomerleau – Ed Tech I – CHS – per contract

Wendy Witham – Ed Tech III – CCS – per contract

Henry Esty – Transfer to Maintenance/Grounds – per contract

*Blaise Kandiko – Math/Physical Science Teacher – CHS – per contract

*Timothy Goding – Special Ed Teacher – GSS/Solon – per contract

Heather Longley – Volunteer Asst. Girls Varsity Soccer Coach

Taylor Savage – Volunteer Asst. Boys Soccer Coach

Blaise Kandiko – Varsity Cross Country Coach – per contract

2. Resignations: Ross Sirois – Special Ed. Ed. Tech III - CCS

3. Nominations: None

B.) Administrators – N/A

C.) Committees: None

5.) Citizens comments on agenda items.

“The RSU #74 school board will follow school board policy BEDH/KD, in that public comment will be limited to no more than 30 minutes in total length and that all comments must relate to the business to be conducted by the RSU #74 school board at the stated meeting on the current agenda.


6.) To see if the Board will approve the second reading of Employee Use of Social Media Policy -GCSAA.

7.) To see if the Board will approve the second reading of District Social Media Policy –IJND.

8.) To see if the Board will approve the Emergency Plan update.

9.) To see if the Board will approve annuitizing the scholarship monies received from the Kiwanis and American Legion for student scholarships.

10.) To see if the Board will approve the purchase of a new school bus, and award the formal competitive school bus bid.


11.) To see if the Board will discuss the fact finding regarding school financials and enrollment report for possible school closures.


12.) To see if the Board will enter into executive session pursuant to MRS Title 1, Chapter 13, Subchapter 1, SS §: 405-6. A. “Superintendent Evaluation.”

13.) Adjournment