CHS Report

Carrabec High School

Principalś Report


Summer has flown past in a blink of an eye.  The theme of this report is ¨Welcome Back¨.

On August 16th, I met with a group of 17 seniors.  We talked about several things including some of the difficult decisions I had to make last Spring.  One of the topics was how the students were not allowed to use their phones at any time during academic times.  I revealed the cause of the action and then told the students that teachers would again be allowed the discretion of having cell phones used in their classrooms.  When I explained my concern that 10% of the students misusing the phone would probably occur again thus potentially causing loss of privileges again.  We both acknowledged that was not fair to the 90% that were not misusing the phone.  I asked them if they had any suggestions for handling it differently this year.  They presented two ideas upon which we all could all agree. The first was that offenders would have to meet with a panel of students and teachers to discuss their behaviors and how it impacted the rest of the school.  The second was they stated that repeat offenders should have their phone left at the office all day for a period of a week and even longer for students that continue to misuse their phone.  

We spent a lot of time discussing the decision not to allow students outside during the day except when doing a specific activity.  I explained the safety of students was my primary concern.  I further went on to explain denying unwanted individuals from entering the building is why the doors are locked.  Despite my explanations, the seniors insisted that students and teachers should be allowed outside.  I noted their response and told them that I was not prepared to change that decision at this time.  However, I did state that I would inquire with a Department of Homeland Security Agent as to what their recommendation would be on the issue.  Unfortunately, my question did not get answered when I attended the Homeland Security zoom meeting.  I am now going to reach out to Somerset County Deputy Sheriff Pike to seek his response.  

The focus then switched to what the seniors would like to happen this year.  They identified several items to be added to the homecoming activities/spirit week.  Items such as a parade with grade level floats, a DJ at the homecoming soccer/ senior night games which is on 10/13/23.  They also strongly desired having a bonfire that night as well.  All of these activities would culminate with the homecoming dance on Saturday 10/14.  The seniors also asked if they could ¨paint¨ their parking space.  Finally, the seniors spoke to what would make their senior year better.  To a person, they stated, ¨make classes more fun and interesting.¨  They would like more student to student and student to teacher interaction.  I am addressing all their concerns with the appropriate stakeholders and told the seniors that I would advocate for them.

The Class of 2023 now has 22 graduates.  We had a student that worked intensely over the summer to complete his graduation requirements.  Superintendent Campbell and I officiated his graduation on Friday, August 18..

The staff was welcomed back officially on August 28, although several were in to visit over the summer.  The CHS staff participated in staff meetings, professional development meetings and preparation.  The staff was very patient with the guidance department as they worked diligently to create schedule changes due to actions done by an outside agency.  My thanks go out to them for their patience.

August 30th saw the Class of 2027 enter CHS as freshman.  The students spent the day following their schedules.  They also participated in activities designed to encourage student interactions with each other.  The day was followed up with a student and family barbecue (held inside due to weather concerns). 

On the 31st, all the students returned to school. The day began with a full school assembly.  The  students were greeted by the entire staff seated at tables in front of them.  The teachers took turns presenting the new programs both academic and social.  Tammy Longś outdoor skills class is one such program.. Ms. Long has two field trips already planned which include canoeing and hiking on day trips.  Kap has a bicycle trip  from CHS to the wire bridge in NewPortland planned for 12 students.  Other programs will be highlighted in future principalś reports.  The goal of all the programs are related to the school goals of raising academic achievement levels while reducing attendance and behavioral concerns.

We currently have seen increased numbers of students participating in athletics.  All the teams have seen an increase with girls and boys soccer being the greatest.  We are actually trying to recruit one more boy for cross country so that we can compete as a team.  Our number of students playing football at Madison has also increased.  These increased numbers are exciting to me.  I strongly believe that student athletes have fun and for most of them they perform better in school while playing a sport.

I am excited about this year.  I am thrilled about the commitments the entire staff are making to the students.  As Mark says, ¨Together we can make this year great!¨