CHS Report

Principal’s Report

December 7, 2022

Lindsay Hamilton was selected as our November student of the month. She is the daughter of Marsha and Matthew Hamilton. Lindsay has been driving herself here for the past two years so that she can complete her high school career at Carrabec where it began. We are lucky to have her as she contributes a lot to the school. She is a high performing member of our math and basketball teams. Lindsay hopes to pursue a career in animal sciences.

The highlight of the month of November was the performance by Mrs. Taylor's drama club. Sixty-four tasty dinners were served. An additional thirty-nine people joined us for the performance which was excellent. As a follow-up, Mrs. Taylor and the drama club accompanied me to Orono on November 18th. We went out to dinner at Governor’s Restaurant where an elderly couple told the group how impressed they were with the students’ behavior. Later we attended the Orono High School presentation of “Mamma Mia”. It was an eye opening experience for all of us.

In the building, my focus has been upon increasing students’ success academically. I have placed a strong emphasis on English as students must have 4 credits to graduate. I am working directly with the students helping them determine what must happen for them to bring up their grades. Sometimes I go with the student to visit the teacher to get ideas as to what must be done differently. I have three students that I am tutoring as a means of making the work less overwhelming.

A second focus for me this month has been teacher observations. I am observing them with three aspects of the teacher evaluation document in mind. Those aspects all deal with factors that greatly impact students’ success. The first performance indicator I look for is whether or not teachers are recognizing the differing abilities of the students. Secondly, I am checking to see if their instruction is being differentiated to meet varied learning styles of the students. Finally, I am expecting that they are modifying the pace of their lessons to meet the needs of the students. In some cases this means modifying the amount of work required or it might mean adjusting the level of the work. Dr. Larlee’s assistance has been invaluable in meeting the needs of our Special Education identified students.

The staff continues to work on improving school culture. We had three suspensions this month. The school is certainly not without drama but more and more students are reaching out to myself and other staff as a means of resolving issues. In this regard, I would like to give a special shout out to Mr. Collard who has been assisting a particularly difficult student with dealing with tough situations.

I am looking forward to many things in the next month. We will be holding our second school dance Friday, February 2nd. I am also looking forward to basketball season. I attended the girl’s first scrimmage and the home side of the gym was nearly full of spectators. Later in the season, I am planning on having a spectator bus go to both ladies and men’s away games.