Feb 5th Agenda

Regular Meeting

RSU #74 Board of Directors

February 5, 2020

6:00 pm


Solon Elementary School


1.) Adjustments to the agenda.

2.) To see if the Board will approve the Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of January 8, 2020.


3.) Presentation: None

4.) Reports: Written Reports were mailed to Board Members and are available online at www.carrabec.org

A.) Superintendent’s Report

1. Appointments:

Richard Sirois – Varsity Softball Coach – CHS – per contract

2. Resignations:

Julie Richard – Athletic Director

3. Nominations:

Jill Shelley – Special Ed Teacher

B.) Administrators – N/A

C.) Committees: Academic Committee met on December 18, 2019

5.) Public Participation

On behalf of the RSU #74 Board of Directors, I want to make it clear that we encourage public comment during the Public Comment portion of this meeting. There are restrictions, however, on what is allowed to be discussed publicly. Those comments are limited to policy and procedures in general terms.

Comments or complaints that may pertain to personnel and/or personnel issues should be raised through RSU #74 School Board Policy JII/KI/GBK. This policy outlines the procedures to be followed.

Each individual choosing to speak tonight will be provided with 3 minutes so that we can hear from as many members of the public as possible.

The RSU #74 Board of Directors will follow RSU #74 School Board Policy BEDH/KD in that public participation will be limited to no more than 30 minutes in total length and that all comments at a regular meeting may deal with any topic related to the Board of Directors’ conduct of the schools. The Board of Directors shall give due attention to comments and contributions from the audience but shall not respond or take any immediate action.”

For those who wish to participate, please note that in order to keep things running smoothly, we do have a number of guidelines that people need to follow when making public comment. Those include the following:

1. Please address your thoughts to me, the Chair, and the rest of the School Board.

2. We expect all members of the public to remain civil during the public comment period. This includes the speaker, as well as members of the audience. This means you may not share gossip, make defamatory comments, or use abusive or vulgar language.

3. Individuals should not provide thoughts/reactions/commentary unless recognized by the Chair. We request that you do not clap, boo, or provide similar reactions.

4. Comments about specific individuals, including students and school employees, have the potential to violate the rights of those individuals, and will not be tolerated.

If the Board has specific procedures or policies with respect to the matter on which you are commenting, I may redirect you to those policies rather than allow you to continue. If another commenter discusses the issue you wish you discuss, you may address the Board, but please try to reduce repetition.

Please note that if you violate these rules or exceed the time allotted to you, I may give you a warning or ask you to stop. If you choose to continue, you will be asked to leave and escorted out.

On behalf of the Board, we appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing from you. I will now recognize the first speaker – are there any individuals present that would like to address the Board?


6.) To see if the Board will approve the SY 20-21 calendar.

7.) To see if the Board will approve the MSMA Worker’s Compensation Trust Document changes.

8.) To see if the Board will approve the budget timeline change of the Referendum to June 9, 2020.

9.) To see if the Board will make a motion to receive an RFP from an architect/engineering/facilities assessment firm for the purpose of school renovations, sustainability and feasibility on GSS and Solon Elementary up to $30,000.

10.) To see if the Board will approve policies JJIC, JQ, KB, KBF, KHC, KIB, and KNAA.


11.) To see if the Board will enter into Executive Session under Title 1, Subchapter 1, Sub section 405.6.D – Discussion of Labor Contracts, Administrators.

12.) Adjournment