March 7 Agenda

Regular Meeting

RSU #74 Board of Directors

March 7, 2018

6:00 p.m.


Carrabec High School


1.) Adjustments to the agenda.

2.) To see if the Board will approve the Minutes of the Regular Board Meeting of February 15, 2018.


3.) Presentation: JMG Student Presentation

STEM presentation – Kathy Bertini

4.) Reports: Written Reports were mailed to Board Members and are available online at

A.) Superintendent’s Report

1. Appointments: None

2. Resignations: None

3. Nominations: None

B.) Administrators – As written

C.) Committees:


5.) Citizens comments on agenda items.


6.) To see if the Board will approve the 2018/19 School Calendar.

7.) To see if the Board will approve to remove all job descriptions from the current policy manual.

8.) To see if the Board will approve updating policies ACG, AEC, BBC, BBBD, BDEB, BDEC, BDED, BDG, BE, BEB, BEC, BEC-E, BEDB, BEDC, BEDD, BEDG, BEDH/KD, BGB, BHC/GBD, and BK as per recommendation by Policy Sub Committee.

9.) To see if the Board will accept the Maine Department of Education’s Embrace II Grants.


10.) FY19 Budget discussion

11.) Adjournment