Special Education Report

Special Education Board Report

December 2022

Since the last board report many changes have occurred in the Special Education Department. We have had 3 new students move into the district with active IEPs. All 3 students attend Carrabec Community School (1 in sixth grade and 2 in seventh grade). We are also in the process of registering two other new students, one for the high school and one for Garret Schenck. One of the Special Education Teachers at the high school has resigned, his last day was Nov. 25, 2022. We continue to interview for this position. This position is being staffed with a substitute teacher to cover the teaching responsibilities until a suitable candidate is found. The remaining high school Special Education Teacher is covering the special education case management responsibilities. These responsibilities include scheduling and holding IEP meetings and completing the paperwork. The whole process from scheduling the meeting, holding the meeting and completing the paperwork can take 4-6 hours depending on the student’s needs.

We continue to look for a Physical Therapist to meet the Physical Therapy needs of our students. We currently have one student with this need that is not currently being met.

Special Education is also processing 9 referrals. (2 at Solon, 2 at Garret Schenck, 4 at Carrabec Community School and 1 at Carrabec High School). These 9 students have the potential to become students who require special education services. Once the evaluations have been completed, the IEP Team will meet to review the evaluations. If the student has a disability, the IEP Team (which consists of the parent, classroom teacher, Special Education Teacher and Administrator) will make a determination if the disability is adversely impacting their educational performance to the level, they are eligible for Special Education Services.