Special Education Report

Special Education Board Report

December 2023

We continue to face staffing shortages, especially at Carrabec Community School.  An Ed Tech III, with years of experience has transferred to a new position in the district which has left a vacancy in the Special Education Department at Carrabec Community School.  This year when there have been Ed Tech vacancies, we are usually receiving applications from Ed Tech 1’s with limited years of experience.  Since last school year we have lost 4 Ed Tech IIIs with multiple years of experience and replaced them with Ed Tech 1s.  I have included a chart that explains the difference between an Ed Tech I, II, and III, which also impacts our current programming. 

EDUCATIONAL TECHNICIAN Permitted Responsibilities Required Supervision

a. Review and reinforce learning a. Be assigned instructional duties 

I       previously introduced by the classroom that are directly supervised by the 

Requires a High School Diploma               teacher or appropriate content specialist         classroom teacher or appropriate

or GED or assist in drill or practice activities; content specialist in the classroom; or

      b. Perform non-instructional, non-evaluative b. Serve under general administrative

functions; c. Assist in the preparation of supervision when performing non-

instructional materials; and  d. provide classroom instructional student-related 

management/functions duties.


Requires a minimum of 60 credits of approved study a. Perform all of the duties of an Educational a. Meet with the classroom/program

or equivalent in and educationally related field; or, for Technician I; and  b. Introduce new learning teacher or appropriate content

career and technical education authorization, a preplanned in direct collaboration (working specialist and receive direction on a 

minimum of 2 years of paid applied employment together to develop plans for instruction) regular basis; b. Conduct one-on-one

within the field of assignment with the classroom teacher or appropriate or small group short-term instruction

content specialist. with direct or indirect supervision.

(For special education, small group

is no more than 5 students.)


Requires a minimum of 90 credits of approved Perform all the duties of Educational a. Meet with classroom/program

study or the equivalent in an educationally related Technician I or II; b. Introduce new teacher or appropriate content area

field; or; for career and technical education learning preplanned in consultation specialist and receive direction. 

authorization, a minimum of 3 years of paid applied (receive direction, guidance, and approval whenever possible on a twice weekly 

employment within the field of assignment. of plans for instruction) with the classroom basis; or b. Perform short-term 

teacher or specialist; and c. Supervise small instruction in small groups or in 

groups of students in community-based programs. community-based programs with

indirect supervision.