Special Education Report

April 24, 2024

To:  RSU #74 Board of Directors

From:  Grace Cram, Special Education Director

Re:  Board Report for May, 2024

May is another busy month in the special education department. We continue to meet on students for their annual review, re-evaluation or due to the fact that their current IEP is not meeting their current level of need.  We are also meeting with families whose child has been referred.  We are currently working on 10 referrals.  We have completed two referrals and met with the student’s families and teachers.  The IEP Team determined that both of these students’ disability was impacting their educational performance to the level that they require special education services. We also met with Child Development Services on April 11, 2024 for transition meetings on 7 incoming kindergarten students with existing IEPs (5 receive services due to the impact their Speech or Language Impairment has on their education and 2 receive services due to the impact their Autism has on their education).

In the month of May we will start looking at the needs next year.  We currently have 9 Special Education Students graduating, with 6 eighth graders moving to the high school and 10 fifth graders moving to sixth grade.  We will look at IEP’s and determine if educational technicians need to be moved to meet the needs of the current students in the district.  The Special Education Teachers’ of the students graduating will complete a summary of performance for each student.  This document is provided to assist the student with the transition from high school to higher education, training, or the employment setting.