Special Education Report

Special Education Board Report

First, I want to remind you of the wonderful community we have in RSU#74. When the call was made Sunday, March 15 that school would be closed I immediately started receiving emails and phone calls from staff wondering how they could help support our students. I continue to receive calls and emails of staff willing to volunteer to support our community and how to best program for our students daily. Staff have been volunteering to deliver breakfast and lunch to our students and this Monday not only did we deliver breakfast and lunch but we delivered learning packets to our students. Staff have also been pooling their own personnel money and buying snacks and food for our students that they are concerned about having enough food during this school closure.

The Special Education Staff have been working to produce individualized learning packets for their students. They have been in contact with parents and Targeted Case Managers to see if families need additional resources and supports.

My role, like many of us has changed greatly, since March 15. Since March 15, I have been organizing the volunteers in the district to complete needed tasks. Volunteers have been working to feed the children and organize and deliver learning packets.

The rules and expectations from the state and federal level for Special Education have changed and some days they change frequently, so I am monitoring these changes closely to make sure we are in compliance with what is expected for Special Education. Every day I am watching webinars and/or attending video conferences with the State Department or my local Special Education Directors to determine what is the best practices for our students and how do we support our students and implement their Individualized Education Plans (IEP).

Next week, my goal is to start having IEP Meetings with parents and staff via video conferencing or the phone.

If you have any questions, please let me know.