Job Description Remote Learning Facilitator


JOB TITLE: Remote Learning Facilitator

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: HS Diploma and 2 Years Post-Secondary Education


QUALIFICATIONS DESIRED: Bachelor of Arts Degree, Other related experience,

Instructional Technology experience


1.) Assists a case-load of students who currently participate in remote instruction.

2.) Acts as a school liaison between teacher and learner/family.

3.) Provides supplemental instruction as needed and applicable.

4.) Promotes the use of instructional technology and helps mitigate technological barriers.

5.) Supports teachers with remote instruction as needed and appropriate.

6.) Assists and supports students and parents with school resource, technology and some school work.

7.) Works on site, to support teacher within the school, grade span to ensure close calibration and effective communication with students and families.

8.) Performs other duties as required by the Principal.

LINE OF AUTHORITY: Responsible to the Building Administrators, or Special Ed. Director

SALARY: Stipend Position -Temporary


WORK YEAR: As determined by Superintendent of Schools