IKF Policy

Policy: IKF

Effective Date: 11/7/2018

Reviewed by Policy Committee: 10/17/18



REGISTRATION: Students must complete course selections prior to the opening of school in the fall. Changes in the schedule will be allowed if recommended by the school officials and approved by a parent.

GRADUATION: All graduates will receive the same type of diploma.


I. Credits

A.) All students will be required to have earned twenty-two (22) credits to participate in the graduation exercises. These credits include:

English 4 credits

Sciences 3 credits (Physical Science, Chemistry and Biology)

Social Studies 3 credits (1 U.S. History)

Math 3 credits

Physical Education/Health 2 credit (Health and Fitness I & II)

Fine Arts 1 credit (Introduction to Art)

Other Electives 6 credits (1 foreign language experience recommended)

B.) Each student will be required to take five (5) courses per year except by permission of administration and guidance counselor.

C.) Seniors who do not have the twenty-two (22) credits required for graduation will not be allowed to participate in graduation exercises.

D.) If a student cannot earn the credits in science, social studies, and math, the principal and guidance director will determine if other courses passed may be substituted.

E.) Outside-of-class credits, approved by the guidance director and high school principal may be earned in any of the following ways:

1.) a. Alternative courses for graduation (summer school, correspondence, online, college courses, etc.) approved by guidance director and the high school principal. (Limit of 4 credits.)

b. College credits count at the rate of one credit per three college hours passed. (Unlimited credits).

2.) Make-up credits for courses failed. (Unlimited credits).

3.) Enrichment credits, such as summer Upward Bound, University of Maine at Farmington (1 per year with a limit of 3 credits); private driver education (Limit of 1/2 credit).

4.) Vocational education credits, such as Summer Youth Employment and Training Program (1/2 per year with a limit of 1 credit); Co-op Work Study or Skowhegan Vocational School (3 per year with a limit of 6 credits).

5.) Adult education courses as approved by the principal and adult education director.

6.) Approved alternative education program courses.

F. Meet the cross-content performance standards set forth in the Guiding

Principles of the Learning Results.

1.) A student graduating from Carrabec High School is expected to be a:

Clear and effective communicator;

Self-directed and lifelong learner;

Creative and analytical problem solver;

Responsible and involved citizen; and an

Integrative and informed thinker.


Carrabec High School’s educational program is designed to enable students to satisfy graduation requirements in four years through a sequence of educational experiences/courses providing opportunities to gain and demonstrate proficiency in all of the content areas of the Learning Results and in the cross-content Guiding Principles of the Learning Results.

Students following a traditional pathway:

A. Students will at a minimum acquire twenty-two (22) credits by passing the course with a seventy (70) or higher.

B. Students may also opt to pursue a high school diploma through multiple additional pathways including but not limited to:

Early college/dual enrollment courses

Career and technical education programming

Online/virtual learning

Apprenticeships, internships and/or field work

Community service

Exchange programs

Independent study

Alternative education/“At Risk” programming

Adult education

Each pathway must provide a quality learning experience comparable in rigor to the RSU #74’s own educational experience (course) offerings.

In order to pursue one or more of the multiple/alternative pathways, a student must have a Personal Learning Plan detailing how the pathway will provide exposure to the content standards of the Learning Results and how the student will demonstrate proficiency in meeting the standards. The personal learning plan must be approved by the Guidance Counselor, Principal



This section applies to all students, in all graduation class

A. Transfer Students

For students who transfer to Carrabec High School from another state or

from an educational program that is not required to be aligned with the

content standards of the system of Learning Results, the Carrabec High

School Principal shall determine the value of the student’s prior educational

experience towards meeting graduation requirements.

B. Home-schooled Students

For home-schooled students wishing to receive a diploma from Carrabec

High School, the Carrabec High School Principal shall determine the

value of the student’s prior educational experience toward meeting

graduation credit requirements or earn a three (3) or better on any and all

assessments of the content areas. A home-schooled student must have

attended Carrabec High School for a minimum of three (3) semesters.

C. Early Awarding of Diplomas

A student who has met the State’s and the Board’s diploma requirements in

fewer than four (4) years of high school may be awarded a diploma.

D. Extended Study

Students are eligible for extended years of study to complete the

requirements of a diploma if they have not reached the age of twenty (20) at the start of the school year. Students eligible for extended years of study may be referred to adult education or other resources suitable to young learners. Extended study for students with disabilities shall be specified in the student’s Individualized Education Plan.

F. Participation in Graduation Ceremony

A student must complete all Board requirements for a high school diploma

or certificate of completion in order to participate in graduation exercises.

G. Honors and Awards at Graduation

In order to be eligible for honors or awards based wholly or in part on

academic achievement (e.g., valedictorian, salutatorian, class speaker, “Top

10”), a student must have been enrolled full time at Carrabec High School

during the year for at least one (1) year, preceding graduation. Students who do not meet this enrollment requirement will not be “ranked” for the purpose of determining eligibility for graduation honors, awards, or scholarships.

[NOTE: “Honors” at graduation is a different issue than “honor roll”

or “class rank,” which may have different eligibility requirements and

may be addressed in other board policies.]

Legal Reference: 20-A M.R.S.A. § 4722

Ch. 127 § 7 (Me. Dept. of Ed. Rule)



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