Policy - BBBAA






The School Board recognizes the impact that its decisions have on the students who attend the Carrabec High School. The School Committee believes it is important to seek out and consider students’ ideas and opinions. In order to provide for student’s input and involvement, the School Board may appoint an elected non-voting student representative to the School Board.


1. Attend regular monthly meetings of the Board on a regular and consistent basis

2. Read the Board packet and be prepared to discuss agenda items

3. Meet with the Superintendent and/or Board Chair as needed

4. Elicit input from the Carrabec High School student body regarding applicable agenda items

5. Represent the views of the Carrabec High School student body to the School Board

6. Maintain confidentiality and discretion in relation to duties as a student Board member

7. Serve as a liaison with the student body to keep channels of communication open with the School Board

8. Respond to Board member requests for advisement on student related matters

Participation Guidelines

Student Representative will:

1. Speak to the interest of the Carrabec High School students expressing their own views of the student body

2. Serve on the School Board in an advisory capacity only, and cannot vote

3. Receive notice of meetings, the agenda and appropriate agenda materials

4. Be provided a place at the Board table

5. Be expected to attend Board meetings on a regular basis

6. Have the same privileges of discussion as apply to Board members (with the exception of executive sessions)

7. Provide student input in the decision-making process at the Board level. When appropriate, student representatives may exercise an advisory recommendation on matters brought before the Board for the student body

8. Not participate in matters brought before the Board that require executive session or that raise concerns of privacy or liability


Student Board member and alternate shall be Seniors at Carrabec High School and shall maintain curriculum and citizenship standards which include:

1. A cumulative 3.0 (85) GPA

2. Standards of behavior and citizenship that are determined to be of high quality

3. Regular attendance at Board meetings (no absences without notice and no more than two consecutive absences with notice)

4. A student Board member may be removed from office by a 2/3 vote of the Board without cause


The term of a student Board member shall be from July 1st of one year to June 30th of the following year.


By April 15th of each year eligible juniors shall submit an application for nomination to the Principal of the High School through completion of required forms. Students submitting such forms in completion shall be eligible for election to Student School Board Member by a vote of the student body by May 15th.