Policy - BCA





School Board members of the RSU #74 School Board will align their conduct to these principles as a guide for their service on behalf of the children in our school unit:

A. Board Members view service as an opportunity to promote the welfare of children and our communities, recognizing that education contributes to the preservation of a democratic society.

B. Board Members undertake the work of the Board by considering, above all, what is best for children.

C. Board Members treat members of the Board, employees of the district, parents, and community members with respect, applying to their work and interactions the Core Values of the RSU #74: responsibility, compassion, honesty, respect, and tolerance.

D. Board Members recognize that, though members of the public may view them as having individual authority, they derive decision-making authority only from their collective action, when the Board is in legal session.

E. Board Members listen to citizens’ input, and refer complaints, comments, and concerns to the appropriate RSU #74 Administration and/or community officials, and bring issues to the full Board only if administrative solutions have been unsuccessful.

F. Board Members understand that the Board is responsible for policymaking, planning, and financial oversight of RSU #74, but will leave general administration of the schools to the RSU #74 Administration for supervision and review.

G. Board Members accept the decisions made by the majority of the Board graciously.

H. Board Members make decisions at Board meetings based on facts as presented to the Board as a whole, applying reasoning, impartiality, and fairness; they will avoid making decisions ahead of, or outside of, Board meetings.

I. Board Members adhere to the obligations related to confidentiality in matters identified by law and RSU #74 policy. Board Members refrain from discussing the confidential business of the Board outside of School Board meetings.

J. Board Members endeavor at all times to see that RSU #74 have adequate financial support within the capabilities of the community and state, in order that every child may receive the best possible education.

K. Board Members reject the use of their position to benefit themselves or any individual or agency, recognizing that in their position they serve the interests of RSU #74 students.

L. Board Members attend, to the best of their ability, every regular, special Board meeting and assigned committee meetings; if they find this is not possible for an extended period of time, they will consider resigning their position.

M. Board Members recognize that the RSU #74 School Board is an agent of the State, and as members of the Board, they will abide by the laws of the State and the regulations formulated by the Maine Department of Education and the State Board of Education.