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In board approved grades, students will receive a laptop computer to use for the current school year. We expect students to be responsible for maintaining their laptop in an appropriate manner. Please carefully review all of the attached materials.

1.) Please read and discuss this document, Policy EDC - Acceptable Use of Laptops, together then return the signature page acknowledging agreement.

2.) An annual $20 non-refundable laptop protection program fee can be paid to cover any damage to the laptop that occurred after the laptop protection program has been paid during that school year. The laptop protection program will pay for damage up to the price of the laptop. This does not cover the loss of the laptop, charger or case.

3.) The student and his or her parent/guardian are financially responsible for the repair or replacement of the laptop in the event of damage if the laptop protection program was waived.

4.) If a problem arises with a student’s laptop, the student should alert his or her homeroom teacher immediately.

5.) Laptops may only be transported in the approved case, including moving from one class to another.

6.) If the school determines that intentional damage or repeated damage to a laptop has occurred, the student will no longer be able to have a laptop. Examples of intentional damage include, but are not limited to:

Any damage or loss sustained resulting from abuse witnessed by a staff member

Any damage or loss sustained when the laptop is in a location in violation of the Use/Storage Policy,

such as:

Stored with books in a backpack or unapproved case

Left unattended and unsecured during school time in the hallway, locker room, on a bus, etc.

Left unattended and unsecured during any extracurricular activity in the hallway, locker room, on a bus, etc.

Any damage sustained due to disassembly by the students, such as:

Keyboard damage due to attempted removal of the keyboard

Disruption of the network connection by disassembling components

Missing keys on a keyboard unless immediately reported and returned with parts, if possible

Bent screen brace/hinge as a result of grabbing or picking up the laptop by the screen

Damage to the disk drive resulting from trying to remove a stuck CD

Damage that is obviously caused by the laptop being struck with an object

7.) If you choose to insure the laptop, please attach a check made out to RSU #74 in the amount of $20.00 to the signature page and return it to the school office.

8.) If you and your family have financial difficulties and cannot afford to pay this laptop protection program, please fill out the Financial Aid page and you will be contacted by the school office. (The student can use the laptop at school and can not take it home while this is processed.)

Cross Reference: Policy IJDNC - Student Computer and Internet Use Policy

I have read Policy EDC - Acceptable Use of Laptops and discussed it with my parent/guardian.

______________________________________ ____________________________________

Date Student’s Signature


Student’s Printed Name

I have read Policy EDC - Acceptable Use of Laptops and discussed it with my child.

______________________________________ ____________________________________

Date Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature


Parent’s/Guardian’s Printed Name

____ I wish to participate in the laptop protection plan program and have included my payment of $20 with this form.

____ I do NOT wish to participate in the laptop protection plan program and will continue to be responsible directly for the cost of any damage or loss of the laptop issued to my child.

____ I do NOT wish to participate in the laptop protection plan program. Instead, I wish my child to be issued a laptop that will remain at school where all school rules will apply with school equipment/materials.

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Financial Aid Request Form

Name of Student:______________________________________________

Name of Parent/Guardian:_______________________________________

Please consider my student for financial aid to allow the laptop to go home: Yes______ No______