Policy - EEAA



CANCELS SHEET DATED: 10/4/95, 7/2/86





The following policy, relating to eligibility for conveyance is adopted:

1.) Bus routes will be limited to State and accepted Town roads.

2.) Bus stops will be established during the month of August by the Transportation Supervisor.

3.) Pupils who live more than a mile from school will be conveyed.

4.) Pupils living less than a mile from school may be conveyed on existing bus routes as a courtesy of convenience, if space permits.

5.) Pupils living off a bus route and more than a mile from school are expected to walk a reasonable distance to an existing bus route, “reasonable distance” being defined as one mile. “Reasonable distance” for conveyance of kindergarten and first grade students may be defined as being one-half mile.

6.) The conditions of the highway and concerns related to use by logging trucks, rate of traffic, speed of vehicles, and location of the bust stop shall be considered where appropriate.

7.) Parents of students living remote from an existing bus route and on roads that are not sufficiently maintained for bus travel (as determined by the Transportation Supervisor), will be required to supply their own transportation to a collection point designated by the Transportation Supervisor.

8.) Pick up points will be designated for groups of pupils residing near each other. The Transportation Supervisor may make arrangements to pick up any student not covered by this policy with the Board having the final disposition in any case.

9.) Students riding the buses will be required to ride them all the way from the pick up point to school and from school to the drop off point.

10.) All members of a group or team going on a school sponsored trip or activity are required to go and return together as a group. An exception will be granted only when an adult member of the student’s family is present to provide transportation and signs a release or when prior verbal and written permission has been received by the school to release the student to an adult other than a family member.

11.) Buses will be rerouted within the same town to accommodate babysitter situations as if it were the student’s home, providing the parents are regularly employed and their children require a babysitter.

12.) From the first day following the opening of deer hunting season with firearms to April 1, all kindergarten and grade one pupils will be picked up and dropped off at the road location in front of their residence, unless the road is considered impassable by the driver.

13.) Determination of a weather alert (heavy rain, heavy snow, or extreme cold) will be made by the Transportation Supervisor and will be followed District-wide.

14.) In the event of a weather alert, drivers will be instructed to drop students at the road location in front of their residence or as close as possible, road conditions permitting.

15.) Exceptions to any of the above policies and procedures (due to extenuating circumstance) will be considered on an individual basis.

16.) Problems relating to implementation of this policy will be referred to the Superintendent’s Office by the Transportation Supervisor. Decisions will be made within seven (7)) calendar days. An appeal of the Superintendent’s decision may be made to the School Board. The decision of the School Board shall be final.