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CANCELS SHEET DATED:7/11/90, 12/7/94,9/4/02



The RSU #74 Board directs that it shall be the policy ofRSU #74 to maintain a complete individualized education program (IEP) for each student who has been identified with a disability and in need of special education services under state and federal special education laws, and who is in attendance at RSU #74 schools. RSU #74 shall develop these IEPs in a manner consistent with the procedural requirements of state and federal special education laws.

Student IEPs shall be reasonably calculated to provide the identified student with educational benefits in the least restrictive educational environment. RSU #74 shall ensure that the student’s IEP is implemented no later than thirty (30) days after the IEP Team’s initial identification of the student as a child with a disability in need of education and supportive services. All identified children with disabilities shall have a current IEP in effect at the start of each school year.

If RSU #74 is unable to hire or contract with the professional staff necessary to implement a child’s IEP, it will reconvene an IEP Team to identify alternative service options. This IEP meeting shall occur no later than thirty (30) days after the start of the school year or the date of the IEP Team’s development of the IEP. The IEP Team shall determine any amendments to the IEP necessary to reflect the inability to commence services as originally anticipate by the IEP Team.

All IEP’s must be reviewed at least annually, as prescribed by state and federal special education laws.

Legal Reference: 20 USC §§ 1414(d)

34 CFR § 300.320-.328 (2006)

Maine DOE Rule Ch. 101 § IX (3) (July 2011)