Policy - IJOA








Any trip organized or conducted by an employee for students of the RSU #74 School District shall be considered as a field trip or excursion unless the employee can establish to the satisfaction of the principal that the school District is in no way responsible for such trip.

A.) A field trip shall be construed to mean any trip organized or conducted by an employee of the RSU #74 School District as an integral part of the school program. Examples include class trips to the theater, to historical sites, or to local business or industry. Field trips must be completed within one day, preferably during normal school hours.

B.) An excursion shall be construed to mean any trip organized or conducted by an employee of the RSU #74 School District as a nonessential supplement to the school program. Examples include trips by school-sponsored clubs, student exchange programs, and trips planned through the school for special interest groups outside of school hours.


All in state field trips and excursions must be approved, in advance of any advertising of such trip or excursion, by the principal. All student trips out side of the state must receive RSU #74 School Board approval, in addition to meeting the items listed in this policy.

Approval shall be based upon a written plan submitted to the principal by the sponsoring employee. Such plan shall include:

A.) Educational objective of the trip

B.) An itinerary, including estimated times of departure from and return to the school.

C.) Modes of transportation.

D.) Provisions for food and lodging, overnight trips require a minimum student chaperon ratio of 10:1 or more depending on age.

E.) An emergency plan for sudden illness or injury.

F.) Provisions for adult and supervision. Chaperones shall be provided on the basis of a minimum ratio of 10:1. Chaperons, when on assigned duty and/or in the presence of students, shall model behavior appropriate to a supervisory situation including the abstention from tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs. The staff member arranging for the trip shall provide each chaperon a listing of his/her responsibilities while serving as a chaperon.

G.) When a private vehicle is used, the District requires that the owner of the vehicle carry liability insurance of $300,000. Private vehicles are provided at the owner’s risk. The District cannot assume any responsibility for liability claims that may result from the use of a private vehicle. When possible, District busing shall be used. Private transportation using adult drivers must be approved by the appropriate administrator.

H.) One (1) day class or field trips are to be limited to a maximum of fifteen (15) hours. All trips that exceed this limit must go before the Board for permission (i.e. overnight trips).

I.) Estimated expenses.

J.) Names and grades of students expected to participate. A corrected list of actual participants shall be posted conspicuously in the Principal’s Office for the duration of each field trip or excursion as an aide to locating students in an emergency.

Permission Slips

Written permission must be obtained from a parent/guardian for each student prior to participation in any excursion. Written notice should be given to parents for field trips which require transportation for students of which extend beyond normal school hours.

In order for a student to participate in a field trip written permission slips must be signed by parents and contain the following information:

· Date of Trip

· Approximate Time Leaving and Returning to School

· Destination of Trip (town)

· Lunch Provisions

· Dress (indoor/outdoor)

· Costs (admission, lunch, souvenirs, etc.)

· Emergency Phone Numbers (2)

· Medical Conditions (that may affect trip)

· Brief explanation of how it supports curriculum.

· If returning after regular bus runs, transportation plans.

The RSU #74 School Board reserves the right to require, at the discretion of the Superintendent, the filing of a waiver of liability signed by a parent/guardian releasing school employees, the RSU #74 School Board, and the RSU #74 School District from liability on any matter connected with field trips or excursions.

Any student for whom permission is not obtained for a field trip or an excursion shall participate in appropriate alternative activities within the school during normal school hours.