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CANCELS SHEET DATED: 7/8/05, 12/1/99, 12/7/94; 01/01/10



Exclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance

A.) RSU #74, following the guidelines of Maine Law, provides for a free and full education from the ages of five (5) through twenty (20), for all RSU #74 residents. Maine Law requires regular attendance in a normal school setting unless special provisions are dictated by circumstances or needs on an individual basis as approved by the Board of Directors of RSU #74.

B.) In accordance with Maine Laws, excused absences are counted and are made a part of the student’s record for the following reasons:

1.) Personal illness;

2.) An appointment with a health professional that must be made during the regular school day;

3.) Observance of a recognized religious holiday when the observance is required during the regular school day;

4.) A family emergency;

5.) A planned absence for a personal or educational purpose that has been approved; or

6.) Education disruption resulting from homelessness, unplanned psychiatric hospitalization, unplanned hospitalization for a medical emergency, foster care placement, youth development center placement or some other out-of-district placement that is not otherwise authorized by either an individualized education plan or other education plan or a Superintendent's agreement developed in accordance with section 5205, subsection 2. This paragraph does not apply to a student who is out of school for 10 or more consecutive school days as a result of a planned absence for a reason such as a family event or a medical absence for planned hospitalization or recovery.

Recognizing that regular school attendance is necessary if a student is to receive maximum benefit from their education opportunity, the RSU #74Board of Directors sets the following regulations regarding attendance at school.

C.) To be excused from school, one of the following procedures will be followed:

1.) The student, before the absence, brings a note from the parent or guardian to the Principal’s Office.

2.) A telephone call is made by the parent or guardian to the Principal's Office or a written note be brought by the student to the main office after the absence.

3.) The parent or guardian comes to the Principal's Office with the student on his/her return to school after the absence.

4.) Any other manner approved in advance by the Principal.

The Principal reserves the right to pass judgment on the validity of the reason for the student's absence(s).

A student, who is in attendance for only part of the day, will be assessed one absence for each of his/her classes missed.

D.) A student who has an unexcused absence from class more than five (5) days in any semester, shall be referred to the Principal.

Legal Reference: 20-A M.R.S.A. §§5001-A, 5003, 5201

Ch. 125 §8.06 (Maine Dept. of Ed. Rules)

Cross Reference: JEA - Compulsory Attendance

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