Policy - JJIC



CANCELS SHEET DATED: 5/4/05, 12/3/03, 4/3/02, 5/1/96






Elementary programs that are voluntary for students have an optional grading requirement determined by the teacher of the activity and the supervisor. The size of some programs does not make it feasible for grading other than the culminating activity. Required courses will be graded.

If a student is not performing to his/her academic level either before or during a season, the student's participation in co-curricular activities will be reviewed by the Building Principal, Coach, and Teacher(s).

If the Principal determines that action is necessary or a student is failing any subject, the student will be placed on a two (2) week academic probationary period.

A.) If placed on probation, the student will be allowed to participate during the probation period. If satisfactory progress is not made during the probation period set by the Principal, the student will be declared ineligible.

B.) If the student is ineligible, the student will be ineligible for the balance of the season for that particular activity.


All interscholastic team/club members (including non-athletic interscholastic activities) must meet the Maine Principal’s Association and Carrabec High School’s eligibility requirements, which are:

Maine Principal’s Association:

A.) Student is under twenty (20) years of age; and

B.) Student has completed fewer than eight (8) semesters of high school beginning with the ninth grade.

Carrabec High School:

A.) Student is enrolled full time;

B.) Enrollment at SRVC will count as enrollment in two regular courses except for co-op which will count as one;

C.) Students must have cumulative passing grades in all enrolled classes and not have withdrawn failing from any class at the midquarter, end of quarter and end of course in order to maintain interscholastic eligibility. A student must have passed all courses the preceding quarter in order to begin a sport season. This requirement carries over from spring quarter to summer/fall. If a student does not pass all courses in the spring, he/she will not be eligible to participate in summer/fall activities. However, a student may replace a failing spring grade with an approved passing summer school, adult education, or correspondence course grade in the same subject prior to the start of a fall season in order to avoid loss of eligibility.

D.) A student with a cumulative failing grade at any of the above times shall be ineligible for interscholastic participation. To regain eligibility the student must raise any failing course grades to a minimum cumulative average of 70 within two weeks of the mid-quarter or end of quarter notice. During such time, a student may try out for a team/club (pre-season) or continue as a non- competing member of the team/club (during season). Such members must practice with the team/club: attend home and weekend travel competitions sitting with the team/club. The student may not attend travel competitions on a school night. If an ineligible student does not raise his/her cumulative average to a 70 or greater during the two weeks following notice of failure, he/she shall remain ineligible until the next end of quarter grades are issued.

E.) A student who regains eligibility must maintain minimum cumulative passing grades in all subjects for the rest of the season. Grades will be checked at the beginning of each week. A student not maintaining cumulative passing grades shall be immediately ineligible until the next end of quarter grades are issued.

F.) Students whose cumulative grade in any subject falls below 75 shall be required to participate in mandatory tutoring/homework support sessions as assigned up to two days per week until all grades are at or above 75. Failure to attend these sessions shall result in the students inelligibility for participation in the extracurricular activity until corrected. The Coach, Advisor, Athletic Director, or Principal may suspend a student from a team or activity for up to ten (10) days if the student’s actions are not in the best interest of Carrabec High School.

G.) Any student suspended from school shall be ineligible for participation in interscholastic activities until the day of the students return from suspension.

H.) Any detention shall take precedence over team/activity responsibilities. Students shall not be excused from office detention to fulfill team/activity responsibilities. If the team/activity responsibility can be fulfilled following the completion of detention the student is permitted to participate.

I.) The Board reserves the right to review and amend the recovery period in response to an emergency and/or extenuating circumstances.