Policy - JKD



CANCELS SHEET DATED: 7/11/90, 9/21/83, 12/3/03



The RSU #74 Principal, or in the Principal’s absence the Administrator acting in the place of the Principal, has the authority to suspend students up to a maximum of ten (10) days for infractions of school rules or other actions considered detrimental to the welfare of the school.

Actions which may result in suspension include the following:

1.) The use of tobacco products, including inhalants and vapors/vaporizers.

2.) Disrespect shown by a student to any student, member of the faculty, administration, or custodial force.

3.) Willful destruction or defacement of school property or vandalism

4.) Fighting or injury to individuals.

5.) Violation of the RSU #74 drug and alcohol policy.

6.) Disobedience or disorderly conduct.

7.) Continued use of profanity or obscene language.

8.) Any violation of good citizenship conduct.

In the event that any of the above conduct is repeated by a student or is felt to be sufficiently serious to so warrant, the student may be recommended to the RSU #74 Board of Directors for expulsion or additional suspension in excess of ten (10) days.

A student may be suspended for actions taking place off school grounds or during non-school time, provided that the activity in question affects the safety and well-being of the school or members of the school community.

Participation in graduation exercises and activities is a privilege afforded to students of Carrabec High School. Accordingly, participation in graduation activities or exercises by student at Carrabec High School who have violated school policies will be determined by the School Principal.